4 Mediterranean Marvels to Visit in your Lifetime

The sea, the coastline, the sky, the warm weather, and the luxurious hotels – these are just some of the things that are common in Mediterranean destinations. Since they are varied, however, picking one country to visit can be a hard task. If you have no idea of where to go, keep on reading and learn more about four of the best places that can be taken into consideration.

Cyprus beach rock views
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay


Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is indeed one of the most seductive destinations in the region. One of the most visited cities in the country is Paphos, which is popular for its beaches. Limassol is another main town that most tourists often visit and is popular because of its historic charm. Meanwhile, in Larnaka you will find a sleepier town and slower pace of life, but it does not run out of activities that will provide you with a more memorable holiday. If you want to have a vacation that you will not forget, make sure to find the right time to visit. As recommended by travel experts, the best time to visit is until the middle of June, which coincides with late spring. Summer should be avoided as the heat can be too harsh.


Dubbed as the land of the siesta, Spain is known for its slow pace of living. The Spanish enjoy life this way – slowly but savoring every moment. Depending on the things that you find interesting, there are several places that deserve attention. Without a doubt, the most popular of which is Barcelona. In this city, you will see the iconic works of architecture by Gaudi and you can have a sample of authentic Catalan dishes. In Madrid, on the other hand, visit Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and National Archeology Museum. Other popular destinations in Spain include Seville, Valencia and Granada. Given the numerous things to do and see in Spain, you can save some money on the trip by looking out for great cheap holiday deals and save on your flights and accommodation.


The dramatic cliff of Santorini complemented with the view of the Aegean Sea is one of the reasons why a Greek holiday is part of the bucket lust of many people. This is especially popular amongst people who are traveling for their honeymoon. Meanwhile in Athens, you will be able to see a striking contrast between the old and the new. The Greek Islands, especially Crete, have also captivated the attention of many travelers. The best time to visit Greece is most probably in fall, a time when the crowd becomes less dense, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy it more.


The Giza Necropolis is perhaps one of the most charming destinations in Egypt. Its pyramids have drawn millions of tourists from all over the globe. You can also go on a cruise along the Nile River and enjoy picturesque views that are all yours to savor. If you are looking for rich marine biodiversity, Egypt has something to offer as well. The Red Sea Reef is known as one of the best diving spots not only in the country, but all over the world. If you are looking for adventure and water activities, Dahab, which once gained reputation as a hippie spot, deserves a visit.

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