5 Of the Best Vehicles for A Road Trip

Road trips are a type of vacation that many Americans look forward to a few times a year. And although the length of time that they plan to spend on the road and the actual destination may vary, there are some truisms that exist regarding the best type of equipment to take, and how to go about enjoying yourself while you are on a road trip.

One area that doesn’t get as much press is the answer to the question ‘what is the best vehicle for a road trip?’ Because there are multiple types of destinations, we’ve decided to present 5 different vehicles that work for different types of travel so you can choose the best RV rental for your road trip:

Land Rover off-roading adventure in Iceland
Image by Public Co from Pixabay

Route 66 Trip

Although there have been some film noir plots where Route 66 trips go awry, that is just Hollywood, heading out into the desert and following kitschy American history is about as good as it gets when you travel in the Spring or Fall. Believe it or not, although you want to have a car that is worthy of a large car title loan in case you run into mechanical problems, taking a used car that is comfortable and mechanically sound is a good idea.

A used Ford Mustang is a popular choice because you can feel the power that the car provides on the open road, look good, and still put enough people in the vehicle that you can enjoy your trip with your friends.

Ski Trip Vehicle

People who focus on skiing or snowboarding tend to focus on front wheel drive cars that are augmented with chains and studs. That is a pretty good formula for most people. You can feel pretty comfortable in a Subaru Forester or Legacy wagon. But for a proper road trip through the mountains, there is something about having an SUV that has proven 4 wheel-drive capabilities in more than one environment.

The Jeep Cherokee is one such vehicle that can handle dry snow conditions as well as black ice as well if not better than most SUV’s on the road. In addition, it is one of the most comfortable vehicles on the road if you have a family that you are going to drive around the Western United States, for example.

Beach Trip Vehicle

If you live in an area that is a few days drive from the beach, making a trip to the beach can help you recharge the batteries, whether it’s a holiday weekend or just a late-night drive that puts you close to the area that you want to have fun in. In most cases, people want the capability of putting their top down when they drive along the coast. So having a used Mercedes or BMW convertible can make your trip one of the best driving experiences you could have.

If you buy your Mercedes or BMW carefully, you’ll get a well maintained car that won’t cost you much in upkeep- and it can look good, drive well, and keep you safe on all your beach trips.

Urban Jungle Road Trip

If you have ever gotten excited about your semi-annual trip to San Francisco or New York, you’ll appreciate it that you might want to take a different vehicle than you use for other road trips. To begin with, driving around the city burns gasoline unless you have a hybrid. Another thing is that a larger car is harder to park, leaving you with more problems to think about when you move your car from place to place downtown.

Ultimately, the Toyota Prius is one of the most solid choices that you could take with you. It provides you with a comfortable ride, great fuel economy, and stores a lot more than some hybrids on the market.

Camping/Hiking Trip

One of the more exciting trends to see over the past decade has been the number of young people that have built cabins in the wilderness one or more days drive from the large metro areas where they toil away. Getting off work on a Friday can then become a race to get to the great outdoors that rivals the Goofy movie “Two Weeks Vacation”. If you are planning to camp, taking a mini-van is a very good idea.

If you have a cabin, bringing a Tesla or even a Chevy Volt is acceptable. The nice thing about having a hybrid is that it can be powered using solar panels and recharged while parked at your cabin. At night, you can use the car’s battery banks to power the home electronics and lights, allowing people that are very far off the grid a way to enjoy the comforts of home without installing an electrical system that can be expensive or get stolen.

Finding the right car for the road trips that you plan to take can be a fun thing. By matching each car to each type of experience or vacation that you take, you will make better memories.

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