5 Must-Do Activities for any San Francisco Itinerary

San Francisco in California of the United States is one of the most alive and exciting cities to visit, and it offers much to see and do. You can find the types of activities that you most enjoy in this vibrant city on the Pacific Coast like these top choices:

5 Must-Do Activities for any San Francisco Itinerary

Lady looking down over San Francisco, California
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Ride the Cable Cars

The cable cars are the longest running and last true trolley car system on the globe. Anyone visiting the city should take a ride on these historic cars kept going since 1873. You can hop on and hop off for sites along the way. The cables do cause delays at times, but they will soon be running again. Many locals use them for daily transportation. From Downtown to Nob Hill and back again, the area and ride is famous and fascinating.

Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Collections are exhibited featuring the amazing work of world-renown contemporary artists. Paul Klee, Daniel DeFoe and Jasper Johns are a few of the artists whose work is on display. You can easily reach the venue from anywhere in the city by using public transportation. Then, right across the street is the Yerba Buena Arts Center that you can tour before or after the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Take a Cruise along the Bay

During the day and at night, a cruise along San Francisco Bay is a one-of-a-kind trip. The stunning scenes are not soon forgotten. Additionally, capturing some of the Bay sites will help you remember your stay in the city and the fun cruise you took. Several options are available. You can choose to ride with companies providing dinner cruises. High speed water craft are thrilling, and chartered yachts are luxurious. Even a simple and inexpensive tour boat ride without the frills is splendid with views of the skyline, the hills, the bridges and so much more.

Visit Alcatraz

Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, this historic island and prison is open to the public every day of the week. Ferry tickets provide round-trip fares between San Francisco docks like at Pier 33 and Alcatraz. You should book your tour of the island online before your visit. The story of different inmates of this prison and the life of the guards and their families is intriguing. The evening tour is especially remarkable. After the day visitors leave, the guests of the evening can put on head phones for an audio tour. You can take the tour at your own pace in the evening, but realize the sounds and stories take on a bit of an eerie feel.

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

You can rent bicycles and take discovery tours on your own or the guided tours offered every day. The most known and loved icon of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful structure that connects Downtown with the town of Sausalito across the Bay. Around Sausalito are fabulous restaurants and parklands with recreational areas. You can cycle both ways or take the ferry back and return your bike. A few hills are at the bridge’s base, but otherwise the cycling is not at all difficult. The bridge was built in 1937.

Experiencing San Francisco

You can experience the city on Cable Cars, on a cruise of the Bay or any other way you choose. Planning your itinerary before a visit, you can add any of these top must-do activities that you wish. History-rich and known for its scenic beauty as well as its arts and entertainment, San Francisco.

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