5 Natural Wonders in America

If you are looking for info on 5 natural wonders in America, then you need to read on. Most of these natural wonders are very fascinating and attract tourists all year round. Here we go:

1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon falls in among the 5 natural wonders in America because it offers so many visual delicacies. On arrival at the Canyon, you can get guides to show you around and teach you the rich history about the creation of this Canyon.

Grand Canyon sunset in the USA
Image by balder815 from Pixabay

2. Yellowstone National Park

Here, natural beauty reigns supreme.  This is the perfect place for a luxury holiday in the USA as the park offers beautiful wilderness packed with animals thriving in the most fascinating way you could ever imagine. If you spend most of your time in the city, this park will provide you with one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. The landscape is thrilling with opportunities to watch wildlife within their natural habitat.

3. Red Wood Forest

The Red Wood Forest, in California, is similar to Yellowstone in terms of natural beauty. However, it far surpasses Yellowstone in so many ways that people who have visited both attractions end up marveling at. The redwoods are massive and will capture your imagination especially if you stand by the trunks. Additionally, the variety of flora and fauna will impress you.

4. Indian Burial Mounds

These mounds in Georgia will open your imagination into the interesting culture and lives of Native America. When you visit, you will be able to walk around the park freely and even go into the mounds to get a visual glimpse of how the dens looked like. The historical background behind these Indian burial mounds and their sheer beauty will show you why they fall in among the other 5 natural wonders in America.

5. The Lost Sea

The Lost Sea is an underground lake in Tennessee. It is found inside a large cave where one can take a boat ride around the most beautiful scenery. Seeing as how his is the largest lake (underground) in America, it is naturally ranked among the top 5 natural wonders in America.

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