5 Things to do in Aberdeen

The people from Aberdeen are known for their wholehearted generosity. There are so friendly that they can hardly get enough of the visitors. The entire town of Aberdeen feels as though it is taking you through an interview since there are more interested in your minutiae than their own. Well, this is definitely a destination worth the visit though the weather can at times drop to a low. A warm welcome coupled with a friendly ear creates all the difference in the Chill of Aberdeen, which is Scotland’s third largest city.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

A visit to this Museum will enlighten you on the history of the town. The museum houses tales of the town’s past links such as the recent explosions by gas and oil industries.

The Dee Mouth

This attraction was a vital fishery as well as ship building port that is well renowned for its textiles and paper mills. However, the oil industry is responsible for swamping the images of the past and can now pride of being Europe’s Oil Center.

Aberdeen train station in Scotland
Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Speaking of scenic natural beauty, Aberdeen is a city with that and much more. You can take a walk through the parks as you enjoy the wonderful ambiance that the gardens bring forth.

Outdoor Sports

Also, playing outdoor sports at the sandy beaches is a thrilling experience. Waters sports are in plenty and you can enjoy a great swim while in this city. It is worth mentioning that Aberdeen is a well know horticultural city that has won several accolades in regards to this.

The Vibrant Nightlife

Beer lovers can enjoy partying and dancing all night long at the night clubs that are strategically located within the city.

Aberdeen is definitely a great place to visit, the people are great and the food is sumptuous. Do not hesitate to visit this amazing destination.

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