Benefits of renting a bike when solo traveling

Traveling alone is better than most people think. The freedom you gain by not having to adapt to anyone’s tastes is a thing that few people have the chance to experience. Yet usually, when we travel alone we do it with a low budget, meaning we will tend to search the cheapest way to travel, move and enjoy ourselves.

If we travel to places far away from cities or plain remote locations usually the cheapest way to travel alone is by renting a bike. All around England we can find renting services that offer us the best vehicles, cars or bikes, to move around freely at minimal cost. Even tourist traveling to other countries in Europe tend to use these types of services. One example is the island of Ibiza, in which the islanders usually recommend to rent a quad in Ibiza and Formentera for the tourists looking for a more exciting experience.

Vintage bicycle
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Driving a bike is also much more versatile than a car, since we will be able to bypass any traffic jams we find, or even find a parking lot a lot faster than with a typical car. It’s also worth mentioning that renting a bike is usually a lot cheaper than renting a car. What about public transport though, isn’t it cheaper? It depends on how much we are planning to move around, since it can be cheaper if we plan to walk everywhere, but much more expensive if we plan to use the public transport a lot.

Usually people that prefer the car do it for security reasons, since the car offers us more protection as drivers. However in the last few years bikes have become a lot more safer, not only thanks to the better motorbikes designs, but also traffic regulations tend to protect bike drivers more and more.

If we like to travel alone to enjoy the freedom the option of renting a bike (or a quad if we are looking for a more exciting experience) is one of the best options around, usually being the cheapest and more comfortable.

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