Best Music Festivals in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Europe this summer then forget the museums, castles and cathedrals and instead find out what the European’s do best – music. Combine this with European’s love of a good (sometimes crazy) festival, and you’ve got the two ingredients needed for a fun-filled trip.

Europe’s top music festivals attract some of the biggest names in music today, while also giving a platform to new up-and-coming artists and bands. An added bonus is that Europe is so easy to get around, so all you need to do is hop on a ferry, bus or train and you’re bound to find yourself somewhere near a festival on your travels.

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Here is a guide to some of the music festivals Europe has to offer:


Being the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous bands, it is unsurprising that the UK hosts a number of top music festivals. The most iconic is Glastonbury which, although has grown from its humble beginnings of 500 attendees on a farmer’s field in 1970 to over 130,000 festival-goers today, it still takes place on a farmer’s field in Somerset. Glastonbury is more than just a music festival, as includes a range of events from films to inspirational talks.

Location: Worthy Farm, England

Getting there: Train or car hire.

Where to stay: On-site campsite (but be prepared for mud and rain!)

Berlin Festival

Taking place is the unused Tempelhof Airport every year, the Berlin Festival matches the city’s cool, relaxed and trendy vibe. The festival attracts some of the biggest, and quirkiest, artists around and a new initiative gives festival-goers free entry into over 30 Berlin clubs as well. Although it mainly takes place at Tempelhof Airport, the organisers are keen for the festival to expand across the city and organise various events to take place in different areas of Berlin over the two-days.

Location: Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

How to get there: Train or bus.

Where to stay: On-site campsite or stay in one of Berlin’s many hotels or hostels.

Amsterdam Open Air

Are you a lover of house and dance music? If so then this is the festival for you. For two days Amsterdam Open Air hosts a packed programme of house, tech house, deep house, techno, disco, hip hop and electro. The line-up includes both established acts and newcomers, as well as international stars and local artists. All this takes place amongst the scenic Gaasperpark which is transformed especially for the festival.

Location: Gaasperpark, Amsterdam

Getting there: Take the metro 53.

Where to stay: There is an on-site campsite for those with two day tickets. If you’ve got a one-day pass check into one of Amsterdam’s many hotels or hostels.

Main Square Festival

Europe being Europe, you’re bound to find a festival that combines history with music and one of the best is France’s Main Square Festival. The festival takes place at the Citadelle Vauban in Arras, which dates back to 1668 and is classified as part of the ‘World Inheritance of Humanity’ by UNESCO. Every year, some of the most famous names in today’s music scene descend on the Citadelle to hold a two-day event that includes everything from rock to dance music.

Location: Citadelle Vauban, Arras

Getting there: Train or bus.

Where to stay: On-site campsite.

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