Bratislava: A city rich in art and history

If you’ve covered the major European capitals and are looking for something a little different, Bratislava is a great city to explore. With a medieval old town that is home to crooked, winding streets, a charming hill-top castle on the banks of the Danube, and many historic churches, there’s a lot to see. Here are some ideas of places to check out on your visit:

Bratislava Castle

The massive structure with four corner towers sits on a rocky hill of the Little Carpathians directly above the Danube river. On a clear day you can see as far as Austria and Hungary, making it a cool lookout point.  The castle recently underwent renovations, and is now open again to visitors.

Primatial Palace

The fantastic Primatial Palace was precisely where Napoleon signed the Pressburg Peace Treaty, in 1805. Nowadays, it houses an area of the Municipal Gallery and consists of a collection of English Tapestries, which had actually been truly discovered covert inside the walls of your palace.

Bratislava castle views at night
Image by Peter Tóth from Pixabay

St. Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral could be the oldest and finest church in Bratislava and was constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries, inside a gothic style. Through the duration when Bratislava was the capital in the Kingdom of Hungary, a number of kings and queens have been crowned right here, that includes Marie Theresa.

Novy Many

The unusual design and style from the “New Bridge” might or could not be to everybody’s taste, however there is definitely no rejecting that it is a sign of Bratislava. Take a lift advantageous on the bridge, that is now the UFO coffee shop, and see amazing views of the city. With sophisticated buildings, churches, cathedrals and fine dining establishments that measure up to any in Europe, Bratislava’s old town is efficiently worth a pay a visit to. Presently, Bratislava includes a real buzz about it – a cosmopolitan city with an thrilling setting waits for!

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