Breathtaking Vistas in France

The largest country in Western Europe and often called the birthplace of Romanticism, it isn’t surprising that France is filled with wondrous buildings, restaurants and vistas. Typical tourist hotspots are available when you visit Paris but there is a lot more around. A popular haunt for cyclists and walkers alike, the vistas stretch further than the capital.

Eiffel Tower

We said they stretch further than that, but that’s not to say it isn’t home to some of the finest. The iron lattice tower opened in 1889 is an iconic part of the city and country that is recognised across the globe. Standing some 1,050 feet in the air, it’s not surprise that when you get to the top you with have an unspoiled panoramic view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Snow capped mountains in France
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Gorges du Verdon

One for the hikers is the Verdon River Gorges that spoil you with stunning views unlike anywhere in the world. Found in Provence, it is between the quaint cities of Castellane and Moustiers Ste Marie and it is a popular spot for lunch, dinner and, if you have time, a night stay at La Palud. Whatever time you get there, be sure to tour the banks or hike to the top of the 700m cliffs and stare out at the river that looks like a ribbon from up with the Gods.

Parc Camargue

Situated in the Rhone delta, this Natural Park stretches over three communes and is known as being postcard perfect. Wild horses and bull take up the marshes as flamingoes wander the ponds and sand dunes fill beautiful, large beaches. Charming fish restaurants can be find in the small villages and this seemingly fragile spot preserves nature elegantly.

Les Grands Montets

This ski resort in Chamonix is known as housing some of the finest vistas in the Alps and France along with one of the best ski areas in the world. With off-piste skiing a reality here, the backdrop of Mont Blanc gives the area a stunning look. The Mer de Glace glacier is one of the biggest tourist attractions, and once you have seen the mountainous views, you can get a look inside the Ice Cave for a photo fit for your wall.

Sacre Coeur Basilica

We end up back in the capital city. A common and popular hotspot, this viewpoint in the Paris neighbourhood is a hilly favourite. Montmarte is a place with an old feel, the cobbled, steep and narrow streets are the perfect back drop to this poetic spot and it is known for being an inspiration for Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso way back when they were working their magic.

Final word

France is full of everything you could want from a country, from grandeur to hidden it is all there. These are five of the best views but don’t forget others like Les Ecrins National Parc, the Calanques in Marseille and eating lobster salad with a view at the Montparnasse in Paris.

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