England and Northern Ireland are the least adventurous countries in the UK

New research from a UK provider of experience gifts has revealed that the people living in Scotland and Wales are more adventurous than those living in England and Northern Ireland. They found 29% of people living in Northern Ireland and 24% of those living in England would prefer to enjoy less adventurous experience days. Whilst 34% of people in Scotland and 24% of people living in Wales would rather enjoy more adrenalin filled experience days.

As part of a study into what experience days are most popular in the UK, an experience gift provider in the UK has revealed that people living in Scotland and Wales are adrenaline junkies, whilst those living in England and Northern Ireland prefer do more sedate activities.

Scenery in the UK
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The research conducted by several providers surveyed 2,000 UK residents aged over 18 and split evenly between each country to find out which experiences were the most popular. The survey asked participants, “Which experience day would you most like to do?” They were given a list of 8 activities to choose from and were able to select all answers they felt were applicable; the results below are broken down by country:

•       Spa & beauty experiences –29% Northern Ireland
•       Culinary & gourmet experiences – 23% England
•       Craft Experiences – 17% England
•       Driving experiences – 23% Wales
•       Flying, ballooning and sky diving experience days – 34% Scotland
•       Water sports activities – Wales 25%
•       Outdoor adventure activities – 27% Scotland
•       Wildlife experiences 18% Northern Ireland

Breaking the results down even further, Into The Blue also found that 18-24 year olds voted skydiving as their number one experience day, while a staggering 58% of over 65’s voted for a spa day. Those aged between 25 and 64 consistently chose driving experiences, culinary courses and spa days in the top 3.

Speaking about the findings Jim Maitland from Into the Blue said:

“Our results were really interesting in the fact that each country chose a different experience day as their favourite. There are possibly too many variables as to why this was the case but it could be something as simple as down to the amenities available in each country. However it does seem those living in Northern Ireland and in England prefer more sedate activities.”

He added:

“It’s also fascinating to see the choice in experience day’s change through the demographics of location, sex and age. While you could have guessed that the younger generation would prefer more adrenaline filled experiences and the older generation would prefer more relaxing pursuits it’s interesting to see a shift between these types of experiences as people get older.”

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