Five Tips For A Road Trip To Florida

Florida is a great year round destinations, but the ideal way to see the state is by renting a car and driving the whole state for yourself. Not only does this give you the freedom to go where you want and see unusual attractions along the way, but it also means you can set the pace of your travels and linger in places that speak to you. For anyone thinking of taking a road trip through the Sunshine State, today we are sharing five travel hacks to help make the journey even better!

Set Aside Money For Tolls

Don’t let unexpected tolls have you fumbling through your pockets. Buy a coin box that allows you to keep coins separated for easy access. Put plenty of one dollar bills in the box as well; tolls are considerably more expensive these days.

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Stop At Bizarre Landmarks

If you see a billboard advertising the world’s largest ‘anything’ be sure to stop. These unusual sights provide the best photo opportunities and you’ll usually have the place to yourself. Florida alone has the world’s biggest bowling pin, biggest cross, and second biggest McDonald’s.

Plan To Drive No More Than Eight Hours A Day

You’ll need time to soak up the local culture along the way, so limit your drive time, not your mileage. Don’t fret about traveling so far each day; a road trip is about the journey, not the destination. Stop for lunch in small towns off the beaten path and try some new food and without worrying about how many more miles you need to travel today.

Earn Points

Bring a gas card or a credit card that lets you earn points or cash back for gasoline purchases and drinks and snacks sold at gas stations. You’ll be making a lot of stops and buying a great deal of fuel on your journey.

Record Your Whereabouts

Post information about where you’re staying each night on social media or call someone and give them the information. In the rare event that something happens to you, your friends and family will know where to start looking for you.

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  1. You know that most toll booths in Florida now do not accept cash (no coins, no bills)?

    My favorite Florida road trip strategy is to avoid the highways and explore the amazing small roads, especially the unpaved ones.

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