Fly to Tibet from Three Different Routes

Tibet, at an average altitude above 4,000 m. (13,123 ft.), is the main part of the highest Qinghai-Tibet plateau in the world. There are different ways for you to visit Tibet, by train, railway or by air. Undoubtedly, flying to Tibet is the fastest and most efficient way. There are five airports in Tibet, the Gonggar airport of Lhasa is equipped with first-class facilities and has the most flights.

In addition, Lhasa is a must-see place during your cultural and historical Tibet tour, so most people choose Gonggar airport of Lhasa as their destination airport. The most convenient and popular routes flying to Tibet in China are Chengdu to Tibet, Beijing to Tibet and Shanghai to Tibet.

Tibet mountain sky views
Image by sun liming from Pixabay

Chengdu to Tibet:

Chengdu — capital of China’s Sichuan province has a reputation of “Heavenly Kingdom” for its pleasant climate, abundant natural resources and various kinds of delicious food. It is the hometown of world treasure — The Giant Panda, World Natural Heritages — The Mt.Qingcheng, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Mt.Emei, etc. If you fly from Chengdu to Tibet, you can take advantage of so many amazing tourism resources and take a Sichuan highlights tour. This will best make use of your money and also make your Tibet Tour richer and more worthy. Besides, Chengdu is the most convenient city flying to Tibet among the three cities, there are most more flights to Tibet from Chengdu and the flights from Chengdu to Tibet are non-stop, while the direct flights from Beijing to Tibet, Shanghai to Tibet will make stops at Chengdu or other places.

Beijing to Tibet:

Beijing — capital of China is one of the four great ancient capitals in China. It is the city that hosted the 2008 Olympic Games and also offers many world-wide tourist attractions. People from all over the world fly to Beijing to take Classic China Tour, especially to experience the profound Chinese culture. As a cosmopolitan city, transportation is surely very developed, so Flying to Tibet from Beijing is very convenient, it just takes a little more time than from Chengdu to Tibet for a short stopover. If you are interested in seeing Beijing first, then you can choose flying from Beijing to Tibet.

Shanghai To Tibet:

Shanghai — It is an international metropolis and was the host city of 2010 World Expo. It is also a must-see place in your China Tour. There are famous Shanghai Museum, luxurious Nanjing Road and exhilarating night view of Huangpu River. The same situation with flying Beijing to Tibet, it is very convenient to fly from Shanghai to Tibet as well. You’ll only have one stopover on the way to Tibet.

Aside from these three options, there are also direct flights from China, including Xi’an and Xining city to Tibet. A flying experience to Tibet will be so thrilling because you can see so many snow-capped mountains at an average altitude of over 7,000 m.( nearly 22,965 ft.). I bet you can’t help screaming as you can almost touch the mountain peaks. Lastly, do remember to look out from the window when you are flying to Tibet.

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