Keeping the Kids Happy on a Long Haul Flight

Long flights are exhausting, particularly for kids, but with a little advance planning you can help make the family journey a smooth one.

Let’s begin with getting to the airport; one of the most convenient things to do about transportation as a family is to drive to the airport and park your car for the length of your vacation. This eliminates having to juggle children and suitcases on busy buses and trains.

Next up comes keeping children entertained while you travel. Children are more active than adults and cannot hide their boredom during a long flight. Finding an activity to keep children happy and entertained will make the travelling experience so much better. Here we are going to explore 5 ways to keep children entertained on a long flight.

Bring along an entertaining gadget

Bring along an entertaining gadget – it can be a video game, iPad or any other entertaining gadget for kids. This will keep the children busy playing and they will hardly notice the length of the journey.

Pack some snacks and drinks for the children

Pack some snacks and drinks for the children – on a long flight, kids will often feel hungry. Pack enough snacks and drinks to sort them whenever they have the urge to eat. This will keep the calm and happy.

Kid flying in the sky with clouds drawing
Image by Muhammad Saleh from Pixabay

Carry story books and comic books

Carry story books and comic books – shop for books in advance and ensure that you pick interesting books for kids. You may even want to consider purchasing travel guides that are specifically written for children. This means your kids get to learn a little bit of history and a few interesting facts about the destinations you will be visiting as a family.

Engage in coloring art

Engage in coloring art – children love drawing and coloring. Bring along a drawing pencils and books to keep the kids entertained throughout the long flight. Come up with moderate challenges for the kids to try out.

Storytelling and play

Storytelling and play – come up with interesting stories about planes or other stories to narrate to your kids. After a given time engage your kid in some stretching play, this will help in refreshing the body and remaining happy.

There are various ways to entertain children on a long flight. Ensure that you plan for the flight in advance to avoid any distress. Remember to pack all the accessories, foodstuff and basic items. The tips above will help in eliminating the fear of long flight with children.

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