Long haul? Enjoy the ride!

These days, our dream destinations are nothing but a plane journey away. White, talcum powder-like sand, aquamarine seas, colourful marine life, beating sun … ah, bliss! Unfortunately that plane journey has the tendency to be somewhat long, and span over several time zones, which does nothing for your tiredness, body clock or general well being.

Of course, there are ways to minimise the effects of jet-lag to a degree, and one I’ve found is to start the night before you even get to the airport! Sounds strange? Well, it’s actually the perfect solution on several levels. Most large UK airports offer a variety of airport hotels, and after several months of umming and ahhing, I decided to try it. I am now hooked.

Airplane landing with tree views
Image by Dominic Wunderlich from Pixabay

Of course, it’s not all about getting a good night’s sleep in the battle against jet-lag, there are some other things we can do to make sure our body is at least functioning to three quarters capacity when we land. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids on the plane, and no, that doesn’t mean alcohol! Dehydration is a major factor in travel-related problems, so keep topping up with water and juice, and do those exercises you’re always hearing about, they really do help on many levels.

So you’ve landed at your destination, the sun is beating down and your body thinks it’s bedtime. What do you do? Well you must try to acclimatise as soon as possible, by going to bed at the normal time you would at home, so if you sleep at 11pm at home, wait until 11pm at your destination, regardless of how tired you are. It’s brutal, but it works in the end. Also try and keep yourself nourished at the usual meal times too – the quicker your body clock adjusts, the quicker you’ll be firing on all cylinders and ready to enjoy your holiday without the lagging feeling.

With a few little adjustments, these fantastic destinations can be enjoyed the moment you leave the house, to the moment you wave goodbye to the sunshine.

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