Nine Things You Must Do In Rome After Dark

Rome is a glorious city by day or night. Once your day of sightseeing, drinking in the culture and partaking in the finest Italian fare is over, the fun is just beginning. Rome at night is a beautiful place, full of good food, music, entertainment, ancient sites and even shopping. As the night falls and the city comes to life with tourists and locals alike, see nocturnal Rome at its best with these nine unmissable things to see and do:

Walk around the ruins

Rome’s ancient ruins are a sight to behold at any time of day or night. But after dark, you can enjoy the ancient sites without the hustle and bustle of the day time. Try to catch one of the night tours of the Colosseum – the sight of this world famous piece of architecture softly lit as you wander around is unforgettable.

Rome colosseum at night in Italy
Image by Gavin Banns from Pixabay

Spend a night at the opera

A visit to Rome wouldn’t be complete with a night at the opera. You’ll find free performances to sample in churches and open air venues, especially in the summer, but nothing beats a full performance at the Teatro dell’Opera. Tickets go early, so be sure to book your opera tickets before you leave from

Visit the Roman baths

The Baths of Caracalla, Roman’s second largest public baths, are often used for opera performances on summer evenings. Add to that the chance to take a tour of the baths by night, and you’ll have the opportunity to really appreciate the ancient beauty of this world-renowned site in peace and quiet.

Rub shoulders with artists and poets

Rome has plenty of bars if you fancy relaxing with a drink and enjoying the lively atmosphere, and they don’t come better than the Antico Caffè della Pace. This elegant and popular venue is a favourite watering hole for poets, writers, and artists alike.

See the Vatican in a new light

The Vatican draws crowds day after day, but if you want to see the best of it up close, visit in the evening. Vatican after-hours tours give you the chance to explore the Sistine chapel, along with the galleries and drawing rooms, minus the crowds.

Relax with world class jazz

Rome is awash with live music after hours, so whatever your musical tastes you’ll find something to love. If you enjoy jazz, don’t miss out on live music at La Casa Del Jazz. Enjoy world-class jazz, interesting talks and great food in the restored 1920s home of a former mafia boss.

Take in a play in a stunning setting

What could make for a more jaw-dropping setting for a play than the Forum and Colosseum? A performance by The Miracle Players will keep you entertained with their quick wit and humour, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Forum and Colosseum at sunset.

Enjoy culture and shopping in one place

The Jewish Ghetto is a historically important and culturally rich area of Rome. Take a stroll down the lively Via del Portico d’Ottavia, where you’ll find plenty of shops open well into the evening.

Make the most of theatre season

Rome’s official theatre troupe, the Teatro di Roma, perform in two main locations. Visit the Teatro Argentina for world-class productions by renowned directors, or why not try the Teatro India for more artsy and experimental performances. The main theatre season runs from October to May.

Rome offers something for every taste and budget, and its attractions don’t fade when the sun does. Rome at night is a lively, cultured and exciting place to be, so make the most of the hours after dark and take home some unforgettable memories.

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