Photographing Photogenic Prague

The Czech Republic is a very interesting country with many places of interest that tourists strive to visit. However, the majority of the country’s tourist attraction sites are all archived in the city of Prague. This is a city so photogenic that you’ll want to make sure you have your camera in hand every time you set out to wander the streets of Prague.

Here are just some of the places you’ll want to capture on camera:

Giant Astronomical Clock

One of the most visited attractions in all of Prague is the Giant Astronomical Clock. It is located in the old town square and is part of the great history of this beautiful land. It showcases medieval craftsmanship at its best, and if you show up early you can take photos of this 15th century wonder from every angle.

Prague architecture at night
Image by Denis Poltoradnev from Pixabay

Mucha Museum

The Mucha Museum contains many pieces of art that any art enthusiast would love to take pictures. Also, it gives tourists an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the history and development of art in Prague. Get to know more about Alphonse Maria Mucha – the artist.

Letna Park

Letna Park offers some of the best views of the city if you are looking to take photos. Take great shots of the city and many bridges around.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is another excellent location that you can take numerous photos of the surrounding area. However, to get most out of your visit you should photograph the bridge itself. The best place to get a unique shot of this iconic structure is to take the photo under the bridge.

Petrin Hill

You cannot miss out on Petrin Hill, this place that will give you unbelievable views of the river and beautiful city below. You are able to see and photograph Hunger Wall been existence since 14th Century, Strahov Monastery, and Stefanick observatory.

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