Planning Your Visit to New Orleans

Located along the Mississippi River, New Orleans is arguably one of the most amazing places to visit in America. This article will highlight some of the key spots to visit when gracing this destination. Keep reading because here are 5 things you should do during your visit to New Orleans.

Visit the National WWII Museum

If you want to take a journey back through time while visiting New Orleans, the WWII national museum will do exactly that. It focuses on the victory of the Allies during WWII as well as the Battle of Normandy. This place contains some of the world’s most treasured military artifacts, and serves as a good reminder of a deep history of the American spirit.

New Orleans downtown views
Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

Go to the City Park

If you’re looking for a unique way to unwind, the city park will ultimately be your best destination to visit while in this city. It has some of the most beautiful southern live oak trees, many of which are now six hundred years old. The city park is also known for its recreational horse riding opportunities.

Take your children to St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis cathedral is a major religious landmark, and it arguably one of the most profound architectural buildings found in this beautiful city. The church is an instantly recognizable attraction, and is an ideal place to take your family while visiting the state of Louisiana.

Take a walk down the renowned Frenchmen Street

New Orleans has strong ties with ancient French culture. This is evident when you visit the renowned Frenchmen Street. This street offers a wide variety of nightlife experiences. If you want to sample the best jazz, delicious foods and cheap drinks, this is the ultimate place to visit.

Taste unspoilt history at Garden District

Last but definitely not least is this scenic must-visit spot. The Garden district is an area within New Orleans that has many historic homes. It’s a perfect place to sample the unspoilt beauty of New Orleans’ deep history.

Now that you know where to catch the best action in New Orleans, it’s our sincere hope that you’ll have a lifetime experience once you visit this place. All the best!

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