Product Photography: Gear You Really Need

Different photography scenes and shoots will require different accessories for full and proper use. Taking photos of landscapes is hardly the same as photographing products. For such visuals, you will mostly be in the range of ISO 100. With this in mind, you will notice that you do not need a wide selection of lenses with higher ISO values. In fact, most digital cameras on the market will work well.

Product photography involves many shots of small imagery, set for different display sizes. When you look the various online catalogs, you will notice that all the stores of the most successful companies will be crisp and clear. Ultimately, this is the same kind of quality that you are looking for. This will mostly require good lighting and a steady hand. In certain instances, this may be a tripod job.

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Image by Republica from Pixabay

Tripod Use

For tripod selection, don’t get hung up on selection. With product photography, the most essential need from a tripod is stability. You need a minor line up of the type of angles and sizes you will be shooting for. It is best to practice in a good NY photo studio as you may use for your other photo shoots. For example, you can use off location practice to benefit on location jobs with better quality.

Another method commonly used is, rather than the store setting, you will use a studio for the best shots. You have the products brought in and you can use all the gear you want from a studio location. This will allow you the best lighting options as well as backgrounds. Since you are in your own environment at that point, it will be easier to use the gear you do have.

Good Lighting

Lighting gear is among the great essentials for product photography. You should already have the essentials on hand. If you do not, prepare to find good light reflectors. In the event that you do not have a studio, there are some DIY methods that may produce good results as well. Ideally, you should schedule some time at a local rental studio so you can be assured of the best quality.

If nothing else, the products should be clear and in light to show enough detail in order to spark customer interest. Easier said than done? Not really. If you need to work with the home DIY methods first, that is fine. Soon, you will come to understand the benefits of a studio for the best lighting you can arrange.

Different Products

The lighting for different product lines should be tailored to each group of products. This means you will be using the same light for one group of products and then switch to a different color and shade of lighting to emphasize other products in the same line.

Again, this is why you want the studio time because it does save time and allows you the ultimate scheme for all the gear you have.

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