Reasons to Consider Teaching English in Taiwan

You’ve made it your career to teach English to those who do not know the language well or maybe who do not know it at all. A job has opened up in Taiwan for someone with your unique skills.

English teachers are in high demand there and the cost of living is very low. It is a beautiful country with busy,bustling cities, a warm climate and breathless scenery. You are torn between staying where you are or taking the leap and moving to this unknown and exotic country.

There are many advantages to traveling to Taiwan and teaching there for a few years or even more. These include:
      • The opportunity to travel. You may have always wanted to see different areas of the world and experience different cultures. This would be your opportunity to experience life in another, very diverse country.
    Taiwan scenic views
    Image by Y. C. LO from Pixabay
    • The chance to learn Chinese in a native setting. You will be better able to assist students if you are fluent in their language also. When you return to the States, you will be well equipped to teach language skills to Chinese-speaking students and immigrants.
    • The opportunity to fine tune your teaching skills. If you are able to teach English in a foreign country, it will be that much easier to teach when you return to your native country. The skills you learn will be priceless and your marketability as an English teacher will increase dramatically.
    • It will force you to step out of your comfort zone and experience new and exciting experiences. Once you take this giant step to adventure and the unknown, it will be that much easier to take on even more new challenges.

Examine all the pros and cons of making this move before making a final decision but you may find that the excitement of new experiences and unparalleled opportunities will lead you straight to this small but compelling island.

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