Road trip through North Carolina and Virginia

If you are planning a road trip along the east coast, then you’ll want to make time for North Carolina and Virginia. These two states aren’t often on a traveller’s radar, but once you reach these destinations and see the beaches for yourself, you’ll be glad you came.


This place has wonderful attractions and you can spend some days here without getting bored. You can take the US50 from Annapolis and go to Ocean City. You can combine Chincoteague and Assateague to make the journey more amazing.

Outer Banks

This place has very nice beaches and you can spend some time there and dive into the clear waters. This is the kind of place where you’ll want to relax for a few days, and there are many ocean front hotel offers to be had. You can also enjoy other places in this place since it is rich in tourist attractions. From Chincoteague, you can take Bay Bridge Tunnel until you reach Virginia Beach. From here, you can now visit the¬†Outer Banks place with many attractions, which are fascinating.

Shenandoah Valley Virginia Road Views
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Hatteras Seashore and Kill Devil Hills

After your visit to Outer Banks, you may opt to take some ferries through the Hatteras seashore. However, it is good to know that during summer, the place is busy and there are many people visiting. If you want to avoid the busy seashore, you can go to the Kill Devil Seashore, which does not have huge numbers of people during summer. Otherwise, if you are travelling other seasons of the year, the area will not be busy as it is in summer.

Myrtle Beach

There is plenty of funky stuff in this place and you will enjoy great waterslides. Many people you will find in this place are families. In these places, there are cheap lodgings and you can spend several nights while enjoying the coolness of the beach.

It’s always great to be able to turn your holiday into a road trip, but if you’re a bit short for time and just want to reach your destination, you can also consider these affordable flights which will get you to your destination a look quicker.

Your road trip from NYC to Miami is a great route and there are plenty of things to see. The above places are just some few examples of what you will enjoy.

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