Seeing the Sights in Tampere, Finland

Tampere is the 3rd largest city in Finland and a major tourist attraction. You are sure to have the perfect getaway experience when you visit this scenic location. If you are pressed for time, you can pick several locations to visit. Here are 5 places to visit in Tampere, Finland.

Tampere cathedral

This is one of the most remarkable examples of the outstanding architecture in Finland. Designed by Lars Sonck, this cathedral is a site to behold. A procession of childlike disciples grips the garland of life.

Tampere bridge in Finland
Image by tuplavee from Pixabay


This is a popular spy museum located under the Finlayson center and it plays at the burgeoning secret agent in children and adults alike. It has a large and greatly assembled display of devices of worldwide espionage mostly from the cold war period. With many Bond-style gadgets, this museum is likely to appeal to many personalities. There are kids’ activities too and they can take aptness tests for the KGB trainee school.

Pyynikki Ridge and Observation Tower

This ridge is in a forested area filled with cycling trails and it has great views from both sides. At 85m above the shores of a lake, it is an Everest of sorts and is said to be the highest gravel ridge worldwide. An old stone observation tower is on this ridge and it has a café which serves the best doughnuts.

Tammerkoski Rapids

A walk along its banks gives you a good feel for Tampere’s industrial history. There are presently 3 dams and 4 power stations situated on the Tammerkoski Rapids. You can get a sense of exploration and fun.

Finlayson centre

It is located inside a revitalized cotton mill which was founded by James Finlayson in the nineteenth century. Its exterior remains a huge red brick building but its interior has been transformed into a current complex of bars and shops.

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