Teaching Business English Overseas

For many people Business English is similar to regular English but with a small twist. Business English is important for those in a business or corporate community and is used for effective communication. The most important component to remember is to always be concise when communicating. With all the different ways of communicating such as, person to person, telephone and emails/internet the goal is to get your point across while using the different methods within the English language.

In addition to being concise, one needs to be exact. A good method to teach is the five W’s and the H. These are who, what, when, where, why and how; if you can answer these in your phone call or email in a precise manner than there is a smaller possibility that any miscommunication can occur.

Woman on phone conducting business
Image by Dirk Schiff from Pixabay

Teaching Business English can be an awarding way to help business owners and entrepreneurs expand and grow their markets. It gives them the tools and vocabulary to speak to customers and associates in order to grow their business. Teaching Business English can be a lucrative business path because people from other parts of the world all want to successfully sell their goods/ services to potential customers in the US.

Teachings are practical enough for everyone to relate to. They are also relevant and the lessons tie into the business/ corporate field; giving people examples they may face on a daily basis when operating their own business. Each business person has the chance to bring in elements that they already know into lessons because they are already successful in business and have knowledge that can help them when expanding into the US market even if they don’t know it at first. It can be difficult for successful business owners to come into a language class which is why it’s important for teachers to validate each person by acknowledging their successes in their business.

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