The benefits of teaching ESL in Japan

There are many benefits of teaching ESL to Japanese children and adults. The most obvious is of course the sheer satisfaction that comes from this type of work. The students are always very welcoming and excited to have a native speaker in their classrooms and teachers can expect to learn a lot about their students, the culture, and gain valuable insight into the local traditions and customs. ESL teachers can truly say that they have made a difference in their students’ lives at the end of their teaching tours.

Teaching English in Japan is also a great resume booster, especially for recent college graduates. The job market has never been as tough as it is now and teaching ESL overseas provides valuable work experience. It also demonstrates to future employers that the candidate is a self starter, not afraid of challenges, and is willing to venture out of his or her comfort zone. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and is also relevant to many future careers outside of teaching.

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Image by Tom und Nicki Löschner from Pixabay

The travel opportunities that come with the job are also a huge bonus for ESL teachers in Japan. Imagine being able to visit and explore this amazing country on the weekends? It is not uncommon for employers to pay for an ESL teacher’s living expenses and provide a salary, which means that there is usually always spending money for things like travel.

Spending a whole year or more in a foreign country offers so much more than just a quick visit to that country. Throughout the year, teachers will experience the different seasons, public holidays, and festivals, such as T?r? nagashi (a Japanese Lantern Floating Festival.) There are many employment opportunities available to prospective ESL teachers and the demand for English speakers overseas has never been higher. Now is the time to take the plunge.

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