The best kind of breakfasts for travelers

The best kind of breakfasts for travelers will depend on the nature of the journey, and the next step he or she takes after reaching the destination. Travel companies provide different kinds of breakfast menus to their clients on board and the choice of food you should select is often based on your discretion or nutritional needs.

Regardless of whether you are traveling by air, road , rail or sea you don’t have to accept everything put before you as breakfast.  One great option is Holiday Inn’s Award Winning Breakfast which features a variety of options to satisfy your every need.

Breakfast buffet bread and meat selection
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If you are attending a business meeting at your travel destination, it is advisable to take something that will keep you fresh and mentally focused. Some bread with jam or scrambled eggs and then a cup of coffee can work perfectly well for you. Coffee will make you stay awake even if your journey will take a whole day, therefore it an important component of your breakfast that wouldn’t make you feel dizzy. A good breakfast should not contain more than 250 calories. You may want to get some early morning exercises before you embark on your journey just to make sure your body’s metabolism is enhanced.

Sausage or Bacon with coffee can also be the best kind of breakfast for travellers who are likely to get busy immediately when they reach their destinations. Other excellent breakfast options include; Scrambled Tofu, Maple Yoghurt with Blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit mixes, and fresh vegetables. Make sure you avoid foods that make you develop flatulence or purge. Excessive processed foods, sugars and alcohol must also be avoided. You need to consume a breakfast that enhances your productivity and concentration.

The best kind of breakfast for travellers should include whole grains such as low bran muffins, melba toast , or crackers. It can also include low fat protein foods such as peanut butter and lean meat; and low fat dairy foods such as cottage cheese, and skim milk.

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