The early bird…

I’m a frequent flyer, mainly due to my slightly addicted nature when it comes to holidays to the sun. However, I’ve noticed that more and more flights are tending to be early, and when you factor in the two hours’ check in time, and travelling to the terminal on top of that, you have a recipe for leaving the house at a very ungodly hour.

I am not a morning person, I get grumpy, grouchy and very argumentative, whether I’m up early for a good reason for not, and it’s for this reason, and because it was starting to ruin the beginning of my holiday.

Guy sleeping on the wheel inside his truck
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I’ll certainly be doing that again!

My 7am flight would have meant me leaving the house at 3am. This does not bode well for my mood. Instead, I slept like a baby, having had a nice, relaxing shower before bed, a delicious meal, chilled-out with a film, and woke up facing a 5 minute shuttle to the terminal. Can airport travel get any easier?

Tiredness plays a major part in pre-holiday airport arguments, I’ve seen it many times, and when you factor in tired children, it can be a recipe for major stress in an event which is meant to be enjoyable and happy. I now refuse to begin my hard-earned break with my eyes down to my knees and my temper threatening to spill, and that early flight now means an excuse to begin my holiday a night sooner.

I have another holiday booked for next month, and yet again my flight leaves early, at 6.45am. When once upon a time I would’ve thought twice about booking the flight, even though it was the cheapest, and paid more to go in the evening, I thought ‘why not’ and booked it, added an airport hotel in and it now means I get a night of rest and relaxation, plus I get to my resort earlier than if I’d gone for the evening option.

Extra time on holiday is never a bad thing, and a good night’s sleep prior to flying ridiculously early should be one of our holiday rights!

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