Things to do in Bangkok on a Rainy Day

I recently spent a few days in Bangkok, during which time it managed to pour rain! Travelling during monsoon season can be quite unpredictable and on one particular night, I got to experience Bangkok with splashes and puddles up to my ankles. Forget umbrellas; when the rain is coming down this hard they won’t keep you dry.

While in Bangkok, Thailand I also ended up spending a good chunk of time at Central World, where I came to the conclusion that this is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. Considering this is one of the largest shopping complexes in all of Asia, you can rest assured that there are plenty of things to do here.

Get pampered

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little pampering. If you’re feeling a bit tense, there are many spas offering everything from Thai massages to  aromatherapy treatments, and then for the girls there is the option of getting a manicure. I ended up going to Namu, a Korean nail salon, where I got a french manicure, while my friend had some fun designs done on hers. If you have the time, this place knows how to do nail art – nautical themes, diamonds, Chanel inspired designs and more.

Manicure at Namu Nail Lounge

Catch a movie

Sure, it’s something you could do back at home, but sometimes the best thing to do on a rainy day is to catch up on the latest blockbusters. Treat yourself to the VIP seats, buy some buttery popcorn, and get ready to watch a flick. This might also turn out to be a bit of a unique cultural experience, because in Thailand the national anthem is played before the start of the movie. All are expected to rise, even visitors to the country.

Go ice skating

This probably isn’t the first thing that came to mind when you were planning your trip to Bangkok, but if the weather outdoors isn’t cooperating, you can always lace up and go ice skating at The Rink. Don’t worry about not having skates (who does in this climate?), you can rent a pair inside.

Thai green curry with prawns - Flickr CC wordridden

Enjoy a nice meal

Just because you’re at a mall doesn’t mean you’ll be restricted in terms of dining options. Sure, you’ll find the fast food classics, but there are also many restaurants which boast an international menu ranging from Japanese to Italian, and Chinese to Thai. For some delicious Thai specialties, I highly recommend Taling Pling which serves up some tasty curries and papaya salad, along with mango sticky rice for dessert.

Visit shrines

And when the rain finally does decide to stop, you can make your way over to the famous Erawan Shrine and Trimurti Shrine which are located not far from Central World.

How would you spend a rainy day in Bangkok?

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  1. says: foongpc

    I love Thailand and I love the rain! So I think I will love the rain in Bangkok! LOL! Nice shot of Central World and drooling at that Thai food! : )

  2. says: Jennifer

    We went to see a movie at the MBK centre when it was raining in Bangkok. Loved the fact that we were asked to stand for the kings anthem.

    1. says: Samuel

      That’s one of the things I remember most about watching movies in MBK as well 🙂

  3. says: flipnomad

    great tips man! i noticed that in BKK, the price of movie tickets (in Central, not sure with other malls) differ depending on the day and the cheapest is on Wed.

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