Top 5 Cheap Things to Do in Portugal

Portugal is one of those places that attract all kinds of travellers, but it is especially appealing to those on a tight budget. See below for 5 top ideas on what to do if you’re planning on seeing Portugal without the pennies:

Costa Vicentina National Park

If it’s spectacular scenery you’re after, Costa Vicentina is the place for you. Located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, this national park is full of natural beauty and ultimate serenity. Surprisingly, it’s one of the quietest places in Portugal, so you’ll certainly get some peace and quiet here if that’s your thing.

Algarve beach in Portugal
Image by Mathias Westermann from Pixabay

Play Golf in the Algarve

Another relaxing offering of the great country of Portugal can be found on any one of its many golf courses. The quality of the golf courses in Portugal make it a famous destination for travelling golfers, so it’s not that difficult to find a cheap round.

Go to Lagos Zoo

A visit to a zoo might not always be the first thing on your itinerary, but when it comes in at the quality and affordability of Lagos zoo, you’d be missing out if you didn’t go. A sunny afternoon at the zoo is a great way to experience Portugal and it’ll only cost you around fourteen Euros.

Visit the National Museum of Ancient Art

Located in Lisbon, the National Museum of Ancient Art is a highly regarded destination amongst locals and tourists alike. It is judged to be home to some of the best and most famous art in not just Portuguese history, but European history, too. If you time your trip well, you’ll get in for free: visitors aren’t charged on Sunday mornings.

Lisbon Chill-Out Free Walking Tours

While you’re in Lisbon, you might as well make the most of it and it’s even better if you can do that for free. You can experience some of the best views in Portugal on the free guided walking tours that go on in the city. They are held by a group of locals, so you really know that you’ll be getting the best of Lisbon on these tours without spending a single Euro.

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  1. Golf is quite an expensive commodity in Portugal, not everyone plays it, it’s classed as a rich man sport. Best thing you can do with those 14 Euro in Lagos is checking out the caves by boat, there’s loads of former fishermen hanging round by the seaside ready to take you there.

    In terms of Lisboa it seems like you missed quite a bit of that place, that is really the place to check out, if you’re into museums the ‘Museu de Arte Antiga’ is surely a great one but the Calouste Gulbenkian one is bigger, has more art and some lovely gardens that during the summer have free gigs. You can walk around the Bairro Alto and it’s bars open until 1 am in the middle of old Lisboa and its hills. Or take a train/bus/taxi to Belém and go to the Berardo Museum which is free to visit and full of modern art collections. I’m missing a lot here but those are a sure thing!

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