Top Destinations Worth Visiting in Europe

Europe is perhaps one of the most comfortable continents to travel in. There are a lot of options to travel. Air tickets are cheap, trains are fast and plenty, roadways are amazingly scenic. Be sure to visit in summer to enjoy the most out of Europe. Here are five of the top destinations in Europe to fly to.

London, United Kingdom

There are some must see tourist spots like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. If you are an artist at heart, head to the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. No matter what your interest, this city is sure to have it all.

Europe map with toy car on it
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Rome, Italy

Rome holds a special place in the hearts of all those that delve into the past. Architecture buffs, history nerds, artists and scientists, everyone can relate to this city and its glorious past. It offers a great many tourist attractions, ranging from the amphitheatres of old to the temple of Helena.

Paris, France

Paris is one of those cities where the regular tourist routes will probably keep you busy for weeks. Between your visits to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, be sure to keep enough time to enjoy the local bistros and the general scenic beauty of the town.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a pure joy to those who enjoy architecture. It has a very good nightlife, some very upscale hotels, and a very unique and distintive culture. Be sure to check out some of Gaudi’s frescoes while you are here.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is where the European culture meets the persian-asian culture. This place is an inspiring amalgam of Christianity and Islam, sporting age old mosques right next to churches and traditional markets thriving together with nightclubs and fancy restaurants. While you are here, make sure that you get a turkish bath, or ‘hammam’.

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  1. says: Anita Mac

    I have to admit, I have a love affair with Spain! If I were to move to Europe for a year, that is where I would have to go! I loved Barcelona, although I have to say…San Sebastian’s pintxos rival Barcelona’s tapas…perhaps I will have to dedicate myself to the small food debate! Have yet to make it to Istanbul…I would love to experience the persian-asian culture!

  2. says: Katie

    I highly recommend Rome and Paris. Many people think Paris is a great place and I couldn’t agree more, however, many people ignore Rome. It is such an amazing city.

  3. Ahhh, Barcelona, Paris & Rome – three of my favourite cities in Europe (along with a whole bunch of other people no doubt). They are all so different yet so amazing in their own ways.

    If you want a small city recommendation the city of Ghent in Belgium is stunning. It’s got everything, the idyllic European look, great beers, friendly locals and good food. Skip Bruges and go to Ghent – yeehaaa!

  4. Great list! But I have to support Anita here, Spain is the best country in Europe, I simply love it! And I would choose San Sebastian over Barcelona when it comes to food, that goes without saying. And although I loved Barcelona, my heart always beats faster for Madrid 🙂
    Istanbul is fabulous and Paris as well, but it is an extremely tough cookie to bite for those who do not know it too well.

  5. says: Ken

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will highly suggest Paris, however, Venice, Amsterdam and Prague also great place to visit on 2013

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