Universities to Study in Montreal

Montreal has a good number of well renowned universities that admit both local and international students. These institutions are dedicated to provide students with the best education as well as supplementary research, development and training services. Students can also apply for the available scholarship programs at the universities. Majority of the universities have a high student population drawn from postgraduate, undergraduate and graduate studies.

The students come from different parts of the world. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, with a lot of diversity, which is a big asset for the universities as well as the students and staff members.

New Concordia Building - Flickr CC tasitch
New Concordia Building – Photo Credit: Flickr CC tasitch

Concordia University

This is among the oldest universities in Montreal and has existed for over 180 years. Students are drawn from well over one hundred and fifty countries and they have different education programs to choose from such as Engineering, Computer Science, Arts and Science, School of Business and Fine Arts. This university carries over five hundred educational programs with 300 of the being undergraduate programs.

Université de Montréal - Flickr CC husseinabdallah
Université de Montréal – Photo Credit: Flickr CC husseinabdallah

Université de Montréal

This is a research university that is located in Montreal. It is a public francophone university that has a total of thirteen faculties and well over six departments with two affiliate institutions. This university offers a total of six hundred and fifty undergraduate and graduate programs as well as seventy one doctoral programs. You will need to meet certain language requirements in order to study at this French speaking university.

Other credible universities in Montreal include:

Polytechnique Montreal
HEC Montréal
École Polytechnique

Even those who want to combine work and study can comfortably to do since there are a diverse number of programs available to accommodate the different needs of students. Therefore, choosing to study in Montreal is worthwhile since the quality of education offered is competitive.

If it is your first time to visit Montreal, perhaps an orientation trip before hand would be a good idea.  Visit tourisme-montreal.org for ideas on places of interest; this will help you get a better feel for the place when you visit.

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