Unusual Destinations In The Hidden World Of North Korea

Travel within North Korea is no easy feat; the only way for tourists to visit the limited but beautiful country is via a well-advised tour guide opposed to independent travelling. These aren’t difficult to find as there are many tour-operators working within the area and linking a large number of low cost airlines to the country.

The exception to the rule are those with enough backing from a high-rank North Korean official, but it’s unlikely to be approved and the best bet is to register on a tour from the British Embassy in the nation’s capital, Pyongyang, before booking flights over.

Mansudae And Juche Tower

That being said, the country is home to a proud and rich history which is displayed proudly. The capital city is a wonderful place to start and the statues of their coveted ex-leaders situated at Mansudae are worth a visit. Other monuments worth visiting in the capital include the Juche Tower, a tall and looming figure that soars high into the air, representing some of the most personal and treasured principles in North Korean culture.

There are also a mass of other museums, studios and fairs showcasing North Korean culture which can serve as quite an eye-opener to tourists.

North Korea statues
Image by Alex_Berlin from Pixabay

Friendship Hall Exhibition

Outside of Pyongyang, the nation is separated into four regions; the capital region itself, Donghae Coast, Baekdu Mountains and Hwanghae. The Baekdu Mountain range, as may be expected, is a wondrous area of North Korea, showcasing the nation’s exceptional natural beauty.

At the forefront of these picturesque scenes is Mount Baekdu, the tallest peak in the mountain range and a place of huge mythical and proud significance to the North Korean people. Elsewhere in the region is the Friendship Hall Exhibition, a traditionally built museum which houses a plethora of gifts to the nation’s great leaders from foreign authorities.

Hwanghae And Kaesong

The Hwanghae region, located on the North Korea/South Korea border offers very little for those visiting save for the city of Kaesong. Kaesong has largely become an industrial city having seen the opening of a range of new factories and work-stations. The area features a strong sense of religion as well with numerous temples and ancient buildings found within the city limits.

The Old Town of Kaesong, a small settlement set back from the sprawling industrial area is one of the most well-preserved areas in the nation, consisting of traditional Korean buildings and architecture which can be traced back through many years of the nation’s history.

Donghae Coast

The Donghae Coast region of North Korea is known as being more tourist-friendly and some of the cities,Kŭmgangsan in particular, are renowned for being easily accessible in comparison with other locations. Kŭmgangsan, also known as the Diamond Mountain, is famed for its picture-perfect appearance and features many sites along the way such as the Pyohon Temple, a popular Zen monastery; many shops and markets are also found here where foreigners are able to purchase foreign and high-quality goods.

North Korea has plenty to offer its visitors; it’s a beautiful region featuring an intriguing way of living which will interest some. Flights are relatively cheap with certain low cost airlines and as long as North Korean tradition is respected, the experience will be memorable.

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