Useful Apps to help you in travel

No matter where you are travelling to, there are numerous applications that can be your best friend during your journey. Right from flight reservation to booking best accommodations, car rentals, finding certain eatery to best attractions in the city, you will get each sort of iOS and Android applications to plan your trip with ease. Here is a list of useful Apps that will help you throughout your journey and execute your travel plan smoothly.

Travel List

When we are out for a visit, we generally neglect to pack some essential things. So Travel List App can help you pack the things that we miss out like charger, toothbrush and other such things to put in our bag. Utilizing this application, you can set update for all things you have to keep in the latest possible time, just before you move out. Moreover, the application is useful to anticipate each stop of your excursion so that you don’t miss anything. You just need to add occasions to the calendar by setting time or alerts.

Smartphone travel app
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FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro will cover more than 3,000 airplane terminals and 1,400 aircrafts. Utilizing this application, you can without much of a stretch deal with your international flights alongside constant upgrades with the assistance of zoomable maps. Extremely essential data, be it a flight delays, departure gates and cancellations, all these and more will be on your fingertips. What’s more, there is an element like push flight alerts, Tripit and terminal maps.

Trip It

This astonishing application will demonstrate all your outing details at a glance. You can get the chance to see all these together be it hotel, flight, car and maps- get it under one roof. To make it easier, you can do numerous things like- sync your travel plans with your online calendar, share all travel itineraries and post trip plans on your different online networking stages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


You can get itemized climate report from around 2 million topographical areas. Reports about cloud formations, wind speed, humidity and atmospheric pressure all data is given in detail. Reports are verging on exact. This will help you to make great utilization of the weather information so that you are ready to battle terrible climate conditions.

JetLag Genie

You may have come across numerous theories discussing how to beat jetlag yet a large portion of them don’t have any experimental clout. The most agreed assessment about it is that changing sleeping habits before the long journey can turn out to be good. This is the thing that the application is going to help you do. You just need to put in all your travel points of interest like dates, destinations and normal resting time. The application will think of wake up timers and when you wake up on Tuesday evening regardless you’ll be persuaded that it’s Monday morning.

Google Translate

Regardless of the fact that you are going to totally new place, you won’t feel totally lost with access to this supportive application called Google Translate. There are two alternatives in your smart mobile phone it is possible that you can either write the content in word box you need to interpret or you can talk up the expression. Try whichever suits you well. The app can decipher around 58 dialects and hear 23 dialects.

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