Using a Recruiter to Find a Job Teaching Overseas

When you are actively searching for a teaching job overseas, it is important to choose a good recruiting agency. If you were to look for a position on your own it can be a very daunting process. Searching for a job not only involves what part of the world you want to work, it means you have to apply to certain schools, fill out the correct paperwork for your work visa, and negotiate contracts. Here are the top three reasons why you should use a recruiter when looking for a job teaching ESL overseas. 

Avoiding Potential Problems

The job you found teaching overseas might seem perfect on the surface, but you might have no idea that the conditions they offered you actually violate the labor laws in that country. They may try to entice you to come teach at their school with some incentive you can not resist. A recruiter will be able to carefully analyze those conditions to make sure you are not in violation after you take the position.

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Understanding the Terminology

When you are negotiating a contract with a school overseas, many of those communications could be misunderstood in the translation. While you may be familiar with the language, it is in the fine print where you could get yourself into trouble. Similar to understanding the fine print on a contract, the terminology used could leave you thinking your getting one thing when in fact your getting the opposite. A recruiter has the experience to understand all that terminology, and can easily explain it to you and answer any questions you have during negotiations.

Getting the Inside Track 

Many schools overseas actually pay recruiting companies to find them qualified teachers. A recruiter can connect you with those schools much faster than had you begun looking on your own. These jobs are highly sought after and competitive just like finding work is anywhere in the world. Working with a recruiter will get your application to more qualified schools looking for someone exactly like you to hire.

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