Venturing out to the Aran Islands, Ireland

The Aran Islands are are a group of three islands located on Ireland’s west coast. They are quite far removed from the rest of the mainland, and as a result they offer a unique cultural flavour – many of the islands inhabitants still speak Gaelic! If you have some time in Ireland and want to explore the land, then you have to make time for the Arans.

Dun Aonghasa-Dun Aengus is a large, prehistoric fort set along naturally elevated cliffs that offer spectacular views of the Aran Islands. It is surrounded by 3 enormous stone walls as well as several vertically positioned limestone blocks. The fort rests at an amazing 285 feet high. Tourists flock to the site on clear days as they can see far into the distance along the west coast of Ireland.

Aran island cliff views
Image by sktlloyd3 from Pixabay

The Worm Hole, also known as Poll na bPeist, is a natural geologic creation that is shaped like a large rectangle. There is a cave beneath it, just by the water. When the tide hits the sides of The Wormhole it looks like there are several miniature waterfalls forming. Visitors get the best show when there are rough seas and the tide is strong.

The Seven Churches are steeped in history as they were a hotbed for pilgrimage centuries ago. St. Brecan’s Church is a gigantic structure with gorgeous masonry, arch, chancel and nave. There are also several cross inscribed stones that attract large groups of onlookers.

The Inis Mor’s Eochla light house is located in Eochla’s village center by Dun Eochla. The light house actually provides no light to traveling ships but functions as a privately owned tea room. Visitors can pay a small fee to access the very top section of the light house and take in all the Aran Islands visuals with splendid panoramic views.

Several locally owned businesses rent bicycles to visitors and will also provide free maps that illustrate the island’s best destinations. It’s not just tourists that bike the islands. Biking is a local past time as it is a cheap and fun way to take in the area’s visuals. You can cycle through villages, to standing stones, beaches, gorgeous cliffs, stone fences and centuries old artifacts.

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