A World of Hosts: Exploring Venues of the Greatest Tournament on Earth

World Cup 2014 fever is spreading like wildfire, with matches being played in 12 stadiums around Brazil. This is the second time Brazil has played host since back in 1950 at the 4th World Cup. Since that first match was played in Uruguay in 1930, a total of 19 countries have hosted the World Cup, with some having the pleasure on more than one occasion.

This year’s host is without doubt an amazing South American country with millions of visitors every year. You can enjoy the beaches, the city and beauty spots if you catch last minute flights or are planning a holiday out there. With a wealth of contender countries that could host a World Cup event, here are some that have much more to offer than major football stadiums:

World cup soccer ball on the field
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Amazing African locations

Host to the World Cup in 2010, matches in South Africa were played in nine cities, including Johannesburg. Other potential African cities include the historic Alexandria in Egypt located on the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its waterfront area and Egyptian antiquities. Exotic Morocco is another contender, with a 55,000 capacity stadium, known by tourists for its gorgeous scenery, including the Sahara Desert and the canyons of the Todra Gorge. East African destination, Kenya, is also a favorite choice with its beaches and safaris trips.

Scenic South America

Home to some of the world’s most intriguing countries, South America is always high up on many people’s bucket lists. Uruguay, Chile and Argentina have all hosted World Cups, but how about Peru? With its 80,000 capacity Monumental ‘U’ stadium, Peru is also home to immense attractions such as the Machu Picchu site.

The beautiful game down under

Despite never hosting the World Cup, the ‘big island’ down under boasts numerous major stadiums, including the 100,000 capacity Melbourne Cricket Ground. Visitors to Australia usually come for the sheer diversity of beauty spots on offer. The Gold Coast is a particular draw for beach lovers. The Great Ocean Road offers some of the country’s most dramatic scenery along its 243 kilometer coastal route, including the famous Byron Bay.

The United States of Soccer

Hosts of the often overlooked 1994 World Cup, the United States boasts stadium venues like San Francisco, New York, Orlando and Chicago. Seattle is a World Cup host contender thanks to its 67,000 capacity CenturyLink Field Stadium, and has some truly fantastic attractions.  The 184 m Space Needle, the Elliot Bay waterfront Pike Market and the beautiful 105 hectare Greenlake Park all fall under this category. Philadelphia is home to the 68,532 capacity Lincoln Financial Field stadium alongside attractions such as the iconic Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, more famously known as the location of the ‘Rocky Steps’ from the Oscar-winning movie.

Russia is up next to play host to the much anticipated event in 2018. With a world full of major capacity stadiums to choose from, the draw to determine which country will be the next to hold the greatest tournament on Earth is always a cliffhanger. The one thing that travelers can be sure about is that, regardless of the venue, the trip will only ever be a success.

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