Reasons Why Travel By Sea is Better Than Flying

Some of my most memorable journeys I’ve ever taken have been by ferry.  When I think back to the days I used to live on Vancouver Island, my family always used to take the ferry from either Nanaimo or Victoria to Vancouver.  I distinctly remember playing board games and eating fast food while waiting at the ferry ports in our family Mazda.

The trip from island to mainland was as scenic as any I’ve experienced at sea.  Passing by scenic islands was nothing out of the ordinary.  I also remember enjoying the comforts of being able to roam about freely on the passenger platform while experiencing the wind dancing through my hair.

BC Ferries scenic journey in British Columbia, Canada
Image by Daniella K from Pixabay

In many ways I feel that travelling by ferry is far better than flying.  The following is a list of ways taking a ferry is superior to being in the air:


It’s impossible to not compare the price of flying versus the cost of taking a ferry.  In most cases, taking the ferry is much cheaper option.  With all of the extra fuel surcharges and associated taxes associated with purchasing a flight a ferry is a far more affordable option.


When travelling by plane in the economy section it can sometimes feel as though you’re being squeezed into a sardine can with all of the other passengers.  Having an opportunty to stretch your legs or wander around is not really an option.  When travelling by ferry the opportunity to move about is far greater.


On a typical flight the only socializing opportunities that are available come from the passengers you are sitting next to.  If they’re tired, dull, boring or anti-social, it can be a long flight – especially if travelling internationally.  On the other hand, while travelling by ferry it’s far easier to move about and interact with others on board in a more relaxed environment.


Sometimes taking a flight can offer incredible views but more often than not it depends on a number of variables.  For starters, one needs to have a window seat and those make up a small percentage of the overall seats on the plane.  Secondly, the plane needs to be flying over a really scenic area at a low enough altitude on a clear day.  While taking a ferry one can be treated to stunning views almost the entire time.  As a method of ‘slow’ travel it’s a lot easier to take in and appreciate what you are seeing as well.

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