7 Savings Tips So You Can Travel Like a Pro

When you want to travel more but don’t have the money, you must find ways to save money the way that a professional saves money. Here are some tips for reducing your monthly expenditures so that you have more money to save for traveling to your favorite destinations.

Tip 1: Have a Written Budget

If you spend money without thinking about it, then you need to have a written budget. Prepare a list of how much money you earn each week or month before determining how much you spend on necessities such as a mortgage, utilities, insurance and food. Any money that is left after paying your required bills is extra money to spend on traveling.

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Tip 2: Give Up the Extras

Determine if you need extra non-essential items such as the deluxe digital television package or designer clothing. By adjusting your thinking, you can live without these things so that you can have money for airplane tickets and hotels. Instead of watching digital television, you can watch DVDs that you borrow from your local public library, and you can shop for clothing in charity stores to save money. But if you absolutely cannot give cable up, internet and tv bundles can help you cut down on costs.

Tip 3: Prepare Your Own Meals

When you visit a restaurant several times a week, it is expensive. Learn how to cook your own meals at home instead by buying what is on sale at the supermarket that week. You can prepare numerous inexpensive meals from a baked whole chicken along with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Tip 7: Reduce the Interest Rate On Student Loans

If your student loans have high-interest rates, then you may want to refinance the loan to lower your monthly payment. Determine how much you are saving each month so that you can keep the money in a savings account to pay for your travels.

Tip 4: Find Roommates For Your Home

You can reduce your living expenses by finding roommates to share your home. Determine what the cost of most rentals in your area are to help you choose the price of renting a bedroom and bathroom in your home. To avoid a financial fine, make sure to follow the regulations in your region for having roommates.

Tip 5: Have an Additional Job

If you want to save money faster, then you can work at an additional job. You can find another permanent job during the weekend or evenings, but you might prefer working temporary jobs such as doing lawn work in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter. When you have a specialized skill such as sewing, you can make and sell items online.

Tip 6: Have a Savings Account At Your Bank

Rather than saving money in a checking account, have a savings account that has a higher interest rate. When you are paid each week, have your paycheck sent online to your bank, and have a certain amount of money diverted to your checking account to pay your bills, but you should make sure that some of your earnings go directly into savings.

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  1. says: Niclas

    Really great tips for saving money while traveling! I will definately be using a couple of them as I start my journey through Asia 🙂

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