Budget Tips for Travellers

You don’t want to be budgeting for the duration of your holiday, but you don’t want to blow all your hard earned cash on the first day either. So where’s the middle ground?

Saving money on your travel plans does give you more to spend when you’re away, but one area you should never attempt to go without, in order to save money, is with holiday insurance. Shop around, find a policy to suit you, declare any pre-existing conditions, and book it. If you go without and then require medical attention, your attempts at saving money will be ruined and then some, in fact you could find yourself seriously in the red. It’s not a chance worth taking.

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There are other areas you can save on, and shopping around for your flight and hotel etc, comparing sites to find the best deal, will highlight bargains. If you’re a young backpacker, then seeking out budget friendly hostels is a good way to go. If you’re a family travelling, booking an all inclusive deal could be the way to save you money on food and drinks etc, so you don’t have the worry of finding money for that whilst you’re there, and anything you do have can be used on fun activities.

Keeping up to date on any travel plan changes, as well as finding out in advance about any special offers at your airport will save you too, because planning is often the best way to save. How many times in the past have you spent money willy-nilly because you’re waiting for something and you’re bored? Well, knowing about any potential delays, and also knowing where to shop for the best deals means you won’t have that problem. To do this, I always check real-time airport information before I fly, and when I fly from Manchester, as I do regularly, I’m constantly checking information on Manchester Airport departures in the days leading up to my travel day. I can’t recommend this enough, no matter where you’re flying from.

When you’re away, it’s still a case of shopping around, and for excursions, do a little haggling – the worst they can say is no! I’ve been known to get a heavy discount from a street vendor before now, so give it a go. As for shopping, don’t fall into the trap of buying a lot, because a) you need to bring it home, and have you got the room in your case?, and b) do you really need it? I’m guessing probably not. Just be selective.

I’m not suggesting you put money in envelopes for each day you’re away, but setting a daily budget will mean what you do have, lasts you for the duration of the time, and you’re not short towards the end. Anything you don’t spend that day, can be carried over to the next.

Saving money here and there is simple when you think about it carefully.

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