Here Are 5 Things You Must Do To Explore Mysore, India to the Fullest

Mysore is a place that perfectly blends a rich culture, history, food, majestic palaces and great food all together. It’s a place that caters to the needs of all types of travelers and the city boasts some of incredibly picturesque locations and parks. From being able to sight-see, to spending time strolling around to learning about the cultures; there’s something for everyone.

Mysore, thankfully so, is not just about its major Palace…It’s one of the main tourist destination cities in all of India due to the plethora of gorgeous gardens, grand palaces, festivals that burst with colors and exceptional markets. Whether you’re there to witness the gorgeous architecture, revel in the nightlife, or chill in a park – Mysore has it all! From the Chamundi Hills, to the amazing street markets Mysore is definitely a city not to miss in India. In this article I will provide the top to-do list, so you can skip getting a tour guide.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Visit The Maharaja Palace

The Maharaja Palace, or the Mysore Palace, is definitely the most famous attraction to visit in Mysore. This place used to house the Wodeyars and was considered their official home and it was completed in 1912. If you’re looking for hotels in Mysore, we recommend staying somewhere near the palace.

The best thing about this palace is the fact that you’ll pretty much notice it as the first thing when you visit the city. It’s among some of the largest palaces located in India and boasts stunning architecture. From Hindu, Islamic and Gothic architecture to Rajput styles all over, the palace is an overload for your senses and definitely a feast for any architecture lover out there. Make sure you also visit the palace at night for the stunning 98,000 bulbs that light up the edifice.

The best time to visit the palace is during the Dasara Festival because of the grand decorations that are usually all over the palace at that time.

The Chamundi Hills

These are the symbolic attractions of Mysore – soaring 1065 meters into the sky, the Chamundi Hills are definitely worth a visit. The hills are mostly famous for the Chamundeshwari temple that dates way back to the 11th century. You go up the stairs and there you’re instantly rewarded with magnificent panoramic vistas of the surrounding areas. Make sure to check out Nandi the Bull halfway through the 1000 steps you have to take to reach the temple.

Karanji Lake

The Karanji Lake is one of the biggest lakes and is perched right under the Chamundi Hills. Visiting them is perfect right after being on top of the hills. You can find about a hundred bird species over there so not only do you get to enjoy the picturesque park and its views, you also get to learn about the birds up close and personal.

Mysore Zoo

The Mysore Zoo is definitely one of the must visits in Mysore. If you’re traveling with your family, then it’s definitely even a better option. You’ll find all sorts of animals – from baboons, to elephants to tigers to much more on about 150 acres of land. You can choose to spend all your day exploring the different animals species, or you can just sit down and relax by the lake.

The Dancing Fountain at Brindavan Gardens

If you’re interested in something different, then you always check out the Brindavan Gardens. They’re considered some of the most beautiful gardens to be found in Mysore and the dancing fountains add a great oomph to the place. With colored lights, great music and of course colorful lasers flashing everywhere, the show is worth watching!

Mysore is a great place to travel in, specially if you’re traveling solo. It has a lot of opportunities for things to do and perfectly blends gorgeous architecture with nature for a diverse holiday!

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