Stay Connected on the Go: Must-Have Technologies for Road Trips

Road trips are one of the best ways to “get away from it all” and relax. And, today, there are so many apps out there that make it even more fun, and easy. Here are a few high teach gadgets you need for your next trip.

LED Flares

The old school versions still work, but if you’re car breaks down on a curve or a long stretch of busy highway, you might be in danger and may not want to (or be able to) use a traditional road flare. Placing a bright flashing light on the roof of your car are farther up the roadway might save your life, and will last longer than a one-off signal.

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Road flares have definitely become more high tech. The old combustible types were handy, but they could also be dangerous. They contained toxic chemicals responsible for the burn, and lasted less than a half hour. New light emitting diodes are energy efficient and burn for hours.

One brand, the Aervoe LED road flare is shaped like a hockey puck and includes a rechargeable battery. It flashes for up to 60 hours and can be seen up to a half mile away. It’s also great for warning other drivers of road hazards and can help police and roadside assistance personnel locate you.

Plus, they’re reusable.

Mobile Satellite TV Receiver

If you subscribe to the DirecTV or Dish Network, you’re probably used to a lot of television options. And, many of them are in high-definition. A mobile TV receiver lets you take the entertainment with you on the road. All you need is a T.V., an antenna, and a power source. You also need a subscription to a service.

Your power source can be your vehicle’s battery. The DirecTV Sat-Go system includes a rechargeable battery and antennas are compact but you will need a clear view of the sky to make it all work. It can be fun to watch your favorite shows while you’re out on the road or hosting a tailgate party.

Offbeat Gadgets

Some gadgets are practical and sensible. Others aren’t, but are fun nonetheless. The RoadPro Sandwich Maker is one of those items. It plugs into your car’s power outlet and heats up your sandwich. Just in case you need hot sandwiches.

You can plug it into your vehicle accessory outlet and you won’t have to pull into a deli. Weird, but it exists and apparently lots of people buy it.

Bluetooth Headset

If you can’t miss a phone call while you’re on the road, a bluetooth headset is a must for you. It connects wirelessly to your phone, and when a call comes in, you pick up and the headset takes over. You get to keep your eyes on the road and take important calls. Cool right?

Bluetooth can also send signals to full stereo headphones, which gives you better sound quality and let you play music as well. You don’t need to use headphones while driving, however. Some bluetooth headsets connect directly to your car’s speakers, allowing you to take phone calls through the native sound system in your vehicle.

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    Bluetooth headset is very usable when you are driving because you can connect it to your phone and you can talk while driving.

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