Staycations are Gone: Reasons the Road Trip is Back in a Big Way

When the economy hit the skids, it fueled a real boom in staycations, but with low gas prices and an economy that now seems to be off the critical list, the enduringly popular road trip is now back in a big way. Naturally enough, you want to stay safe on your road trip, a car accident injury lawyer, there to help if things go wrong. Here is a look at why the road trip is back on the agenda for many people, who have done their staycation but now want to go and explore the country.

Fulfilling an ambition

Many people have a bucket list of things to do and places to see, and a road trip is an excellent way of fulfilling some of those dreams and ambitions.

Jeep sunset off-road driving
Image by Ronald Plett from Pixabay

If you have always wanted to witness the Rockies up close and personal for instance, there is nothing quite like the experience of heading west and finally seeing those imperious peaks appear on the horizon.

Your pulse will quicken and the excitement levels will increase as the Rockies get ever closer, just waiting to be explored. This is the sort of experience that you get with a road trip, as it feels much more personal to you than just arriving somewhere via an airport terminal.

A culinary adventure

Another aspect of road trip’s that is always worth mentioning as a great incentive to get behind the wheel, is the culinary as well as the scenic voyage of discovery that you can find yourself on.

Taking in new sights is very much part of why so many of us love a road trip, but the opportunity for a real culinary adventure should really seal the deal.

Exploring an area and getting to places that the locals are rightly proud of and are not your usual tourist offerings is often going to reward your taste buds with some new eating experiences.

Reclaim your mind by going off grid

Technology dominates our lives and most of it is extremely useful of course, including navigation systems to help find our way around more easily, but with some road trips, you will often end up leaving your technology in the car.

Getting out and exploring some new surroundings in a national park or somewhere remote and equally as inspiring and beautiful, will often mean that there will be little or no signal and definitely no Wi-Fi service.

This is no bad thing every now and again, as it allows you to reclaim your mind and enjoy some fresh air and time to think, as you go off grid for a few hours, or maybe longer.

Now is the time

We are all getting older with every day that passes, which should serve as a good incentive to get that road trip organized while you are still young enough and healthy enough to make the most of it.

There are plenty of us who might think that a big road trip in our golden years will be the time to do it. That might still be the case, but there is no time like the present to get out there and plan an awesome road trip for now, as you can always re-visit in later life.

Lucas Heath is a keen traveler who works in the tourism industry, enabling him to spend time in various cultures around the world. In his spare time he writes for travel blogs.

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