Things most people forget to bring when travelling abroad

Let’s face it. It’s rare to actually have everything prepared and brought with you for a trip, there’s bound to be a thing or two missing – whether you originally planned to bring it in the first place or just thought it’d be nice have carried it for the trip. Now here are some of the things most people forget to bring when travelling abroad.

First-aid kit.

Bringing one doesn’t mean you are paranoid about getting injured while on your trip, but it’s important to pack a few band-aids, basic medicine and some antiseptic in your bag, particularly if you will travel with children. First aid items can be expensive and hard to find in some locations, so pack it in with your toiletries and cosmetics.

First aid travel kit
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In a world where gadgets take centre stage in people’s lives. It’s almost comical to forget one of the most important things we need to keep our gadgets going – our chargers. It could be for your phone, your laptop, or other digital devices. While you can purchase most of these at the airport or your destination, it’ll take from your spending money. Therefore, it’s best to check that your charger is packed before you travel.

Extra copies of your documents.

You won’t go on a trip expecting to lose your passport, but it happens to the best of us in any case. With this in mind, it’s vital to make copies of your passport, credit cards, license, and others. This way, if any of your document gets lost or stolen, you can simply go to the nearest embassy and have it re-issued.

Flip flops.

I’m guilty of this – as most other travellers I’m sure. This item is indispensable for the budget traveller. Whether you’ll be staying in hostels, campgrounds or at other questionable-quality accommodations, it’s imperative that you pack one pair of flip-flops for your trip. These flip-flops will guard your feet if you need to take a batch in doubtful places.


This will depend on where you’re travelling or the weather therein. You may not think you need a swimsuit, but it’s always wise to pack one just in case. You don’t want to miss out on a great pool party or hot springs soak, do you?


It’s important to bring and apply sunscreen even on an overcast day. Yes, getting a sunburn in the cold is possible. Pack a bottle along with your toiletries and cosmetics. It is usually one of the most overpriced items sold in some foreign places.
Enough money. You may have perfected your budgeting, but still, you might stumble on a good deal or an item you want to buy and miss it just because you don’t have enough cash on hand.

Travel insurance.

Any traveller worth his/her salt will prepare travel insurance beforehand. An insurance isn’t something anyone should lightly consider, especially with the expensive health care when out of the country. It also protects you from a range of travel hitches including delayed/cancelled flights, loss items, money, and yes, accidents.

End Note

Lastly, did you know that some providers offer credit cards and travel insurance all in a single package? Check online to compare which travel insurance fits your needs best. There are many out there so do your research before getting one. Have fun and stay safe out there!

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  1. says: Stef

    So true! I also add a lock for the dorm room’s locker. In most hostels, you need to bring your own lock and there are quite a few travelers arriving without one.

  2. This is an excellent list, especially for newer travelers. Although I have traveled a lot over the past few years but still manage to forget things like chargers occasionally. Something that helps me is to keep a backpack already packed with things like your extra documents, extra charger, first aid kit, sunscreen and even flip flops. Anything you have extras of that you might need and can stay packed and ready to go. Also making a list of what you’ll need and checking it off while you pack helps. Especially if you’re traveling with children!

  3. says: Hide

    I think a travel booklet especially a local one will be very handy as the local ones always have some secret treasures.

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