Things to Prepare Before Going Backpacking

The initial rush of excitement one typically experiences on their first backpacking trip abroad can sometimes gloss over the important details that need to be figured out before starting the trip.  There are number of things that one should get in order before setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. Aside from that, a good understanding of how health insurance works would be smart considering you never know how the trip may turn out.

Taking care of the necessary logistical considerations will ensure one has a pleasant journey as opposed to one filled with stress and regret.  The following two things are essential to have in order before taking a trip.

Sunset with Backpackers on the mountain
Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay


When it comes to gear this includes everything you’ll possibly consider taking on your trip.  From your backpack to the casual pair of flip flop shower sandals, it’s all part of the planning.  In many backpacking destinations, such as SE Asia, there are numerous knock-off options to be found at a quarter of the prices you’d pay back home.


How much and how you plan to carry your money are very important considerations when backpacking.  Not budgeting enough for your trip or by not selecting a safe and secure method of protecting your funds are surefire ways of running into trouble.  Although your family loves you, I doubt they want to receive a call asking for money to be wired when you could have taken of things on your own.

It’s worth doing research on the destinations you plan on visiting and always budgeting $300-500 dollars more per month.  When it comes to carrying your money securely having a combination of credit cards (more than one) along with travelers cheques and small amount of cash is a good way of diversifying your funds.


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