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Back in July we partnered with Visit Finland to explore the Archipelago region of Finland during the inviting months of summer. A the time we had no idea what to expect in terms of food, culture or activities considering neither of us had ever been to a Scandinavian country before.

Samuel kayaking in Finland

Coming in with little preconceived expectations allowed us to be pleasantry surprised by the delicious (and at times quirky) Finnish dining options, hospitality and natural scenery. Since we got to visit in the summer we’d someday love to visit Finland in the winter for a totally unique experience.

Audrey kayaking in Finland

Below you’ll find some of our favorite travel videos from our time in Finland:

Shopping for Finnish food and goods at a Finnish Grocery store in Dalsbruk, Finland Travel Video

Travel to Rosala Viking Centre Island and Bengtskär Lighthouse via a boat ride from Kasnäs, Finland

Sea Kayaking around Kimito Island, Hogsara and the Archipelago | Visit Finland Travel Video

Fear Factor Taste Test: Foreigners eating Finnish Black ‘salty’ Licorice Salmiakki in Finland

Eating Finnish Reindeer Meat while Drinking Finnish Beer at an outdoor terrace in Helsinki Finland

Our first impressions of Helsinki, Finland after just arriving on our first day of travel in Europe

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  1. says: Maria

    So glad you two partnered with Visit Finland because you brought me to places I’d never have seen otherwise and taught me things I didn’t know about the food and culture. Well done!

  2. It is impressive that you have managed to cover such a broad spectrum in regard to Finland and its’ culture in these videos ranging from the bliss of kayaking to the extreme nature of Finnish candy. I have to say that these videos are both very amusing and engaging and really very educational. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Scandinavia! Also- love the new websites!

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