Travel Videos From Israel

Israel is a country that left an indelible impression upon us. When we first visited with the Taste of Israel team for four days we didn’t have many preconceived expectations. The whirlwind four food and sightseeing tour left us craving more.

Travel videos from our time spent exploring Israel for nearly two weeks.

Having the opportunity to return again for close to two weeks was the perfect chance for us to explore new cities and attractions while revisiting some of our favorites. Moreover, we had the opportunity to travel with Audrey’s parents. Normally it’s just the two us of us on the road; however, recently were fortunate enough to also have my Mom join us in Istanbul, Turkey for just over a week.

Traveling with family is a real special experience and something we cherish.

We had a chance to revisit Jerusalem again visiting the Mount of Olives for the first time.

We also went back again to the Dead Sea for the third time! Honestly, we must be close to experts now (the two previous times we visited were in Israel and once in Jordan) visiting a private beach in a different section.

Overall, we left Israel again hoping to return again in the near future. Below are our latest videos – enjoy! (click here –>view to our previous Israel videos)

Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee Tour visiting Banias Reserve and Mount Bental, Israel

Visiting Mount Precipice, the Baha’i Gardens and Temple in Haifa and Acre, Israel

Rosh HaNikra Grottoes – Mediterranean Sea, in the Western Galilee, Israel (ראש הנקרה – رأس الناقورة)

Fauzi Azar Inn located in Nazareth, Israel (200 year old Arab mansion turned guesthouse)

Visiting Caesarea, Israel ( קֵיסָרְיָה; – قيسارية‎ ; Kaysaria; Καισάρεια Kayseri ) w/ Abraham Tours

A Tour of the West Bank / Palestine visiting Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River with Abraham Tours

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