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Our Story

Samuel and Audrey, the backpackers of this site, met one fateful day in Itaewon. He regaled her with stories from Rajasthan while she indulged him with tales from Mumbai. Over the span of the afternoon they discovered their mutual desire to pursue a life of travel. The hours were spent swapping experiences from their extensive travels across Latin America, eating Turkish ice cream, dreaming of little towns in South East Asia, and wandering on foot as they got to know each other better. They’ve been together ever since.

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Samuel Jeffery  :  Nomadic Samuel

Samuel Jeffery (known more commonly as Nomadic Samuel) hails from Gold River, British Columbia, Canada.  He spent the better part of his youth fleeing from bears and cougars in this small scenic town.  Since graduating university he’s been thoroughly addicted to an unconventional lifestyle overseas and is a self-confessed backpacking addict without any known cure in sight.  Before he pegs it he plans to cross as many international borders as he possibly can.

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Audrey Bergner  :  That Backpacker

Audrey Bergner (known in the interwebs as That Backpacker) was born in Montreal, Canada but raised in the Sierras of Argentina.  She shot guns, set traps in the forest and sometimes went to school.  Before even turning legal age she was galavanting across the globe.  When her feet are no longer perpetually itchy she plans to open a cozy little hostel in a location yet to be determined.

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Our Similarities

Food:  Savoury Indian curries, street food & cheesecake topped with Dulce de Leche (and pretty much everything else under the sun)

 Mango lassis & exotic fruit smoothies

Travel Style:
 Cheapskate extraordinaires wandering through back-alleys that aren’t in the Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Mode of Transportation:
 Epic train journeys that wind through the countryside and mountainous regions.

 Indie rock and world music.

 India, Argentina and soon to be Thailand.

 Mega metropolises & old world colonial charmers.

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Our Differences

Sports:  When I uttered ‘Blackhawks’ she told me to pull out my camera.  When she exclaimed ‘Messi’ I thought she was referring to my unruly hair.

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