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Our Travel Links Blog Directory features the best travel blogs and travel sites in the world.  Whether one wants to be inspired by great tips, captivating narrative or awe inspiring photography/video come check out the links below for great sites:

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1000 Lonely Places (Covering thousands of destinations globally)
2in1World  (Alejandro & Andrea are avid travellers)
2 Live Abroad (Your guide to living, moving, travelling, and retiring overseas)
8 Miles from Home (Cinematic travel with a dog)
Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures (Unlikely places, ultimate experiences)
A Backpacker’s Tale (Hitting the road bumps so you don’t have to)
A Cook Not Mad
– Guided by a chef’s stomach and photographer’s eye
A Crafty Traveler
(A Canadian girl who is living in the UK)
A Cruising Couple (Dan and Casey are two lovebirds slowly, indefinitely traveling the world)
Active Backpacker
(Backpacking through Europe and Asia)
Active Planet Travels (Actively traveling the world)
A Dangerous Business (One ordinary girl, life’s extraordinary adventures)
(Enjoying travel one day at a time)
Adrian’s Travel Tales (Solo world traveler)
Adventure Travel & Hiking – Tim Moon’s, Adventure Strong takes you on a journey to explores the world, one trail at a time)
Adventure Vacations Blog (A travel blog geared towards those with adventurous spirits while on vacation)
Adventurous Miriam  (One girl, her passion and a whole lot of traveling)
Adventurous Travels  (For those passionate about travel to off the beaten path destinations)
Alex in Wanderland (New Yorker diving her way around the world)
All Colores – (The great joys of life through travel and adventure)
All Out Adventure Travel – The outdoor adventure travels road diary
All Over The Map
(Experiential family travel)
America For Travelers (Showing you how to travel across the United States)
A Midwestern Life (From the Midwest to Spain and back again)
Am I There Yet? (Stuart & Eloise, a British couple travelling indefinitely)
Arctic Nomad (A finnish man shows us around the world)
Around Cambodia (For all things Cambodia related)
Around The World in 80 Jobs (A guide to working your way around the world)
Asia Travel Tales (Sharing wonderful stories and tales from all over Asia)
Aspiring Backpacker (A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step)
As We Travel (See the world with Nathan & Sofia)
A Travel Couple (Follow Scott and Rachel as they travel around the world together)
A Traveller’s Journey (Journeying the world one step at a time)
Aussie on the Road (Christ takes us around the world with lots of laughs along the way)
A View To A Thrill
(Sample the world at a fraction of the price)

Backpack Diary – A couple’s travel blog
Backpacker Banter
 (Surfer and backpacker who loves to share his banter and tips)
Backpacking Bali (Backpacking a beautiful part of Indonesia)
Backpacking Diplomacy (Andy’s travel blog shares culture, stories, travel tips and more)
Backpacking in China – (Backpacking travel blog and guide for budget travelers in China)
Backpackingman  (Travel the world with Jonny)
Backpacking Travel Blog (Our site right here!)Backpacks and Bunkbeds (A travel, backpacking and volunteer blog)
Backpack with Brock
(Brock takes us around the world travel and coaches us through adventures)
Bacon Is Magic (Living life with a different set of rules)
Banana Roti (Food blog for a budget traveler)
Beers & Beans (A photographer and journalist travel the world)
Belize Adventure (For travel in tropical Belize)
Be My Travel Muse
(Off-beat adventure travel with Kristin)
Be On The Road (Sanakara’s travel and photography blog)
Berlin Experiences (A travel and history blog all about the city of Berlin)
Beyond My Front Door (Anwar shares his travel adventures from a life over the threshold)
Blonde Gypsy
(Larissa’s global wanderings)
Blondie at Worldz End (Travel blog for everyone who came, saw and conquered)
Bohemian Trails
(Global art and culture for the avant-garde traveler)  (A curated directory of useful travel sites, travel videos, photos, and news)
Borderless Travels
(Yak’s travel blog is a great source of info for those seeking rtw journeys)
Born 2 Travel (Travel information and advice that will help you plan your next journey)
Bridges and Balloons
(Tips and inspiration from two digital nomads)
Britain For Travellers (For travel destinations in Britain)
Britain Outdoors (Covering outdoor exploration across Britain)
Bucket List Journey
(List worthy experiences in travel, food, and adventure)
Budget Travel Intentions (Tips for budget travel)
Budget Travel Talk (Great travel advice and tips for budget itineraries)
Burger Abroad – Vegan solo travel inspiration and tips
Butterfly Diary
(Charu shows us how travel can be transforming)

Camper Van Trips
(For overland travel in a camper)
Canucking Abroad (For all things Canadiana)
Captain and Clark
(The Modern Cartographers)
Career Gap Year – Considering taking a career gap year to travel the world
CC Food Travel (Cumi & Ciki give us food, travel, and adventure)
Cecily Travel (Cheap deals and budget vacations)
Changes in Longitude (Angela’s tales from wanderland)
Chasing the Unexpected (Larissa and Michael explore the world)
Che Argentina Travel (Make the most of your trip to Argentina!)
Che On The Road (Out to explore and discover)
Classic Backpack (All things related to backpacking)
Como Viajar – A blog written in Spanish which shows you how to travel the world
Confessed Travelholic
  (A Canadian girl living in Germany)
Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler (Live to travel, and travel to live)
Ctrl Alt Travel (Travel is in the details)
Curb Free With Cory Lee  (A travel blog devoted to sharing the world from a wheelchair user’s perspective.)
Cycle Trekker (Adventures around the world on two wheels)
Cycling El Mundo  (Bicycle touring and travel adventures around the world)

Daily Propaganda (Au courant photography by Kurt Wahlgren)
Dave’s Travel Corner (A great travel website for information, inspiration and more)
David M Byrne
(Hobbyist photographer, Getty Images Artist & ardent traveller)
Different Doors  (A travel blog providing you with more stories per journey)
Don’t Fly Go
(Choosing overland and greener travel)
Don’t Forget To Move – Travel deeper for cheaper
Don’t Stop Living (Jonny Blair’s travel blog provides a wealth of information for those interested in travel)
Double-Barrelled Travel (Follow Dave and Carmen as they travel sharing their stories and videos) 
Dream Euro Trip (Teaching you the ways of planning for a Eurotrip)
Dream Holidays Guide (Amazing destinations around the world) 

Easy Travel (Making travel easy for you)
Edgy Mix (Travel and fashion combined)
Emily in Chile
(Don’t call her gringa)
Epic Curiosity – One more trip, one more bite, one more beer
Erika’s Travels – Insights and anecdotes from a life on the road
Escaping Abroad Travel Blog (James loves to travel the world and get into unknown adventures)
eTramping (Living like tramps for less than $25 a day)
E Travel Blog (A travel and tourism site)
Eurail Travels (Your guide to Eurail travel information)
Explore Midlands – For travel in the Midlands
Explorer Sue (Your Pacific Northwest Travel Resource)
Expert Vagabond
(Matthew inspires through adventure travel and photography)

Fab Meets World – UK travel & food blog
Family Friendly Adventure (This is travel for the whole family)
Family Vacations US – Traveling with kids is hard! We make it easier!
Ferreting Out The Fun (With an adventurous spirit and an open mind, one can have fun almost everywhere)
Film & Travel (Covering film locations globally)
Finding the Universe
(Laurence shows us the world through his camera lense)
First Time Travels (Through the eyes of the uninitiated)
Flashpacker Family  (Join this traveling family as the explore around the world)
Flavor of San Diego (A foodie’s guide to eating in San Diego)
Fleeting Life  (Christina Gmyr is a goofball, dancer, and travel addict)
Flora the Explorer
(Flora writes about the world around her)
Four Jandals (Adventure blog for adventurous couples)
FoXnoMad -(Anil’s a digital nomad travelling around the world)
Frameless World  (Travel Photography blog by Bino Caiña)
Frank About Croatia  (Croatia Travel Guide and Blog…Frank’s View)
From a traveller’s desk  (Notes and stories from the road)

Getting Stamped (Hannah & Adam share their rtw adventures)
Girl vs Globe (a travel blogger, twentysomething student and aspiring grownup)
Global Debauchery (A blog devoted entirely to the overindulgence of wanderlust)

Global Grasshopper
(Becky and Gray give you tips & inspiration)
Global Travel Guide (Your travel guide for global travel)
Globetrotter Girls
(2 girls, 1 globe, no regrets)
Globocation (Backpacking tips for budget travel)
Goats On The Road  (For independent and off the beaten path travel)
Go Backpacking (Travel blog with backpacking advice for independent budget travelers)
Going Abroad (Inspiring around the world travel)
Going Homeless Project (Wandering Everywhere)
(The ‘eat/sleep/do’ for responsible travellers)
Go World Travel Guide (An extensive world travel guide covering world travel.)
Groove Traveler (Exploring the world through music)
Grounded Traveler (Putting down roots and still seeing the world)

Happy Frog Travels (It’s all about the place!)
Happy Philippines
(A travel blog featuring travel in the Philippines)
Heather on her Travels
(Travel inspiration and destination information)
Helen in Wonderlust  (Check out Helen’s wonderful and inspiring travel blog for great tips/stories)
Hike Bike Travel
(Travel inspiration and destination information with an outdoor and adventure focus)
Hiking in Hong Kong – Hong Kong hiking blog where you get to explore the Hong Kong that is less traveled
Holiday Backpack (For the holiday seeker or backpacker wanting to travel)
Honeymoon Always (Travel site for couples who never want to leave the honeymoon stage)
Honeymoon Holidays (Honeymoon holiday ideas for couples madly in love)
How To Travel With Pets (A travel blog focussing on journeys that include pets)

Inside South East Asia (For in-depth discovery of travel in SE Asia)
Inspiring to Travel  (If you’re looking for a boost in morale this travel blog will send you to far off corners)
Intrepid Times (Travel stories by Nathan James Thomas)
I Should Log Off (Log off and live your world, one adventure at a time)
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog (Being lovely around the world)

Jandals and A Backpack (Alaina is a nomad Kiwi who likes to share her tips for backpacking on a budget.)
Jasmine Wanders Travel Blog
(Living life on my own terms since 2007)
Jessie on a Journey (Taking you beyond the guidebook)
Johnny Africa (Livin’ the expat life in the Rainbow Nation…)
Jones Around The World – Travel and photography blog by Dave Anderson
Journey Scout (If you’re scouting the best journey check out this blog)
Journey Tom  (New experiences and journeys)
Justin Was Here (The travel blog heard around the world)
Just One Way Ticket (Sab is half German, half Italian, and currently living in Istanbul)

Keep Calm and Travel (Leave everything behind. Realize your dream. See the world)

Landings and Takeoffs (How to jet set on a budget)
Lateral Movements
(Get a life, not a job)
Laugh Quotes (Where travel and adventure meet fun – A blog by Rhonda Albom)
Laura The Explorer (Stories & advice about budget travel)
Lexi Travels (Lexi loves to travel overland and explore the outdoors)
Life Tailored (Style, Travel, and all that comes with being a modern gentleman)
Little Yayas (Fun family travel)
LL World Tour (The World Travels of LLWorldTour aka Lisa Lubin)
Lost Intentions (The best time to travel is now)
Lunaguava (Between the moon & the sea, a harbor for travelers:  our extraordinary world. Find it. Know it. Love it.)

Mai Travel Site (Discover the world – around the world adventure & photography)
Man on the Lam
(Shake the shackles, escape through travel)
Man vs Clock (Inspirational travel, may contain naughty words)
Man vs World (The life and times of a Kiwi abroad) (A travel blog to inspire you to travel)
Mexico to New York (A seven month exploration of badlands, baseball and burgers)
Midwestern Adventures (There’s more here than corn and snow)
Milkblitzstreetbomb (Freedom.  Purity.  Counterculture.  Grit.)
Monkeys and Mountains
(Adventures from Germany and RTW)
My Carib Spot (Caribbean website and blog offering information, advice and inspiration)
My Faces And Places ( For matured travellers who are discerning & enjoy comfort with luxury)
My Funky Travel (A travel blog offering up funky tips, advice and travel stories)
Nomadic Notes (Travel blog of a digital nomad )
Nomadic Photos (Worldwide travel photography)
Nomadical Sabbatical (A nomad’s musings on long-term travel)
Nomadic Samuel
(Samuel Jeffery’s flagship site)
NYCxplorer (Jeff`s fantastic site related to all things in New York City)

Off The Beaten Path Travel (Half deserted streets)
Open Minded Traveler  (Tales of a wanderer in Colombia)
Ordinary Traveler (Make it a great adventure)
Our Oyster (The world is your oyster, just take the first step)
Outstanding Places (Places around the world that are truly outstanding)
Outside Pursuits (Gear reviews and guides for people who like the outdoors)

Paramount Travel Blog
(Because travel is paramount to life)
Peanuts or Pretzels (Find your travel adventure.  Follow Josh & Liz)
Pergi Dulu (One Aussie, one Indo travelling the world)
Phil in the Blank (Phil is teaching people how to draw camels while traveling slowly) 
Philippine Travel Forum (For travel information in the Philippines).
Picture Perfect Portfolio (Not another milquetoast portfolio of merely stocks and bonds)
Places For Tour (For the top places around the world to consider touring)
(Hanne, a twenty-something adventurer from Norway, shares her stories)
Plane News (Tips and tales from above)
Planit NZ (Resource to planning trips to or within New Zealand)
Pommie Travels (Girl from Manchester who’s been on the road since 2008)
Practical Adventurology (Travel around the world to escape the typical 9 to 5)

Renegade Travels (Travel. Experience. Live.)
Road Affair (Ben and Jazzy share tips and stories on their budget travel blog)
Romancing The Planet (India’s Number 1 Luxury Travel Blog)
RTW Backpackers
 (Backpackers traveling around the world indefinitely)
RTW Budget (RTW budget planning for your big trip)
Runaway Guide (Leif is sharing his travels, adventures, & budget travel tips to inspire others)

Sally Around The World (A 30-year-old Essex girl with a love of parties, ponies and travelling)
Santa Fe Travelers (The experts on Santa Fe)
Seattle’s Travels (Conquering the globe one photo, and one country at a time)
Secret Traveller (A travel blog with an emphasis on culture and tips)
Seek Your Trip (Ideas for the adventures of a lifetime)
Senior Travel Guides (The best information for Seniors travel)
Senyorita Travel Blog  (Travelogue of a twenty-something Filipina)
Shaun’s Cracked Compass – It’s your world too!
Short Travel Tips (For short holidays throughout the year)
Simply Travelled (Encourages people to take a LEAP! – an adult gap year, career break, sabbatical)
Singapore Guide Online (Your guide to discovering the best Singapore has to offer)
Sit Down Disco (Adam, from Australia, shares his around the world travels on this blog)
Slovakation (The best travel tips for visitors to Slovakia)
Somewhere Or Bust (Travel stories, tips, and misadventures)
Solo Friendly (All you need to travel is you) 
South America Tourist Attractions (Covering attractions across South America)
Step Up Dive In (Live for today and follow your passions)
Stranded Passengers (Getting lost every step of the way)
Strux Travel (Michael show you how to be a traveler, not a tourist)
Suitcase and Heels (Global adventures of a value conscious, style minded traveller)
Suzy Guese (Traveling with a redheaded temperament Suzy stumbles over travel)

Tanama Tales (Lifestyle and travel blog exploring life’s off-the-beaten-path options)
Team Nomad (Follow Steve and Becky, who enjoy extraordinary overseas adventures)
Tech Guide For Travel (A guide for the backpacker who travels with electronics)
Tend to Travel (Amer is an Architect by day and travel blogger by hobby) 
That Backpacker (Audrey travels around the world)
The Adventure Junkies (Don’t dream it. Live it)
The Asian Persuasion (For top notch information for all things related expat living in Asia)
The Blonde Gypsy
(Larissa travels and lives around the world)
The Broke Backpacker  (Travelling the world on the cheap with Will Hatton)
The Camping Central
(Tips, gadgets, and destinations for campers)
The Conversant Traveller (Wanderings and wonderings: travel tips and writing from the road)
The Ego Tripper (A great travel blog for tips and advice)
The Jungle Princess (If you want to change your life you must actually change your life)
The Lost Backpack
(Leaving that backpack of yours behind)
The Lost Passport (Traveling the unknown)
The Luggage List (Independent travel blog and luggage review site)
The Mellyboo Project (A RTW female travel blog)
The Most Alive
(Travels of a wild heart )
The Pinay Solo Backpacker (A great blog that inspires adventure and travels)
The Planet D (Dave & Deb are Canada’s top adventure travel blogging couple)
The Prague Wanderer (Czeching out the world one step at a time)
The Road To Anywhere (Live free, love life, see the world)
The Savvy Globetrotter (Travel smarter with Patti)
The Time To Go Is Now (You can always make more money.  You can’t make more time.)
The Travel Chica (Stephanie has a great travel blog featuring posts from Latin America)
The Traveling Fool (One foolish trip at a time)
The Travelling Squid (Travelling awakens the dreamers, thinkers and believers in us)
The Traveller World Guide (Balancing tequila and tourism)
The World Or Bust
(Travel babble at its best)
Todo Tailandia (Viajar a Tailandia)
Tools of Travel (Simple travel lifestyle)
Top 100 Travel Blogs (List of the top blogs in travel blogging)
Top Spot Travel (Where inspiration meets destination)
Tourist 2 Townie
(Travel deeper with Gareth Leonard)
Trail of Ants (Ant has travelled the world extensively)
Travel and Tourism Guide
(Your guide to the world)
Travel Bay (Tips, stories and destinations)
Travel Blog (Making travel your life style)
Travel Blog Advice (Top notch tips to make your travel blog successful)
Travel China Cheaper (Travel to China the cheap easy way)
Travel City Breaks  (For those interested in exploring world class cities check out this travel site)
Travel Destination Bucket List (A travel site pondering…where to next)
Traveler Ahoy (Travel…it only takes one time)
(Bram’s adventures around the world)
TravelFREAK (Inspired stories for the curious traveler)
Traveling Europe (Sarah shares her travels from all over Europe)
Travellistic (Travel Far, Travel Wide with Tim Moon)
Travel Made Simple (Showing you travel can be easy) (An online travel magazine)
Travel Narrative (A great travel site featuring high quality and engaging travel narrative)
Travel Notes (Photo travel journals from different parts of the globe)
Travelocafe (A cultural and luxury travel blog)
Travel Reportage (Giulia is an Italian travel blogger based in Egypt on a slow RTW trip)
Travel Spots (The UK travel blog featuring holiday ideas)
Travel The Middle East (A blog dedicated to travel in the Middle East) 
Travel the World for Free (No money, no problem)
Travel This Earth (Finding purpose through travel)
Travel Times Mag (Where to go to experience nightlife abroad)
TravelVana (Top destinations around the world)
Travelwkly (articles dealing with budget travel)
Travel World Heritage (Unearthing and bringing to you UNESCO’s world heritage sites)
Travelsauro (Adventure, hiking and scuba travel blog)
Travelling Blogger
(A blogger chronicling their adventures)
Travelling Hong Kong Girl (Follow the worldwide adventures of the Travelling Hong Kong Girl)
Travelling King (Budget travel to luxury travel in Thailand and in Australia)
Traveling 9 to 5 (Changing how you spend your 9 to 5)
Travelling Northern Ireland Flag (One world, one man, one flag)
Traveling Round The World (Where the hell is Rory?)
Traveling Savage (Exploring Scotland one month at a time with a focus on experiential travel)
Traveling Ted (The very best in outdoor adventure travel)
Travelling The Philippines (Everything about traveling in the Philippines)
Travel with Kat (Travel writer discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines)
Traveling With Kids – Ultimate guide to traveling with children
Travelling With Me (Come join Scott and follow his journeys by checking out his travel blog)
(Travel hacking one trip at a time)
Tripologist (Jim is traveling around Asia on a budget)
Triposs (A travel site with a wealth of travel related information)
Tropical Nomad (A travel blog that encourages you to travel, be happy & hustle)
True Nomads (True Nomads sharing their experiences on the road)
True Travellers Society (Free international volunteer work abroad programs)
Two Bad Tourists (Come follow the journey of two bad tourists as they travel rtw)

Uncornered Market (Dan & Audrey are a travelling couple who tell wonderful & inspiring stories)
United States Tourist Attractions
(Covering attractions across the US of A)
Universal Traveller – Travelling around the world

Vagabond Summer (A sports travel blog featuring stadiums and cheap eats)
Vagabond Way (A deliberate way of living allowing the freedom of travel)
Velvet Escape  (Visit Keith’s luxury travel blog for a dose of travel inspiration)
Very Well Being (A blog about health and well being)
Viajes y Cosas Así (Osvaldo’s Spanish backpacking travel blog)
Visa Nerd (A travel blog focusing on information and tips to make border crossings easier)
Visit Ilocandia – For travel around this part of the Philippines

Wandering On (Brian & Noelle share travel tips, photos, videos and stories from the road)
Wanderlust Storytellers (Affordable family holidays and luxurious parent escapes)
Wandering Trader Travel Blog
(Travel, investing overseas, day trading)
Wanderlusting (Lusting for a life of travel)
Wander Pig (Travel tips and advice)
Way Away: Travel Itineraries (Bringing you itineraries for far off places)
Wayne On The Road (One man.  A camera.  A truck.  Endless open roads)
Wayward Traveler (Annie will travel until she’s seen it all)
We Are Not Lost (A travel blog by sticky)
We Said Go Travel (Passport to a global community)
Wonderful Malaysia (For all things related to travel in Malaysia)
Work Break Travel (You deserve a break in between)
World Celebration Blog (Global travel advice for holidays abroad)
World Travel Buzz
(Backpacking advice, hostels, and other tips)
World Travel Inspiration  (An inspiring guide for traveling the world)
World Walk About (live, love, and wander)
World Wandering Kiwi (A kiwi exploring the globe)
World Wide Travel Guide (Seeing new places every day)

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