5 Must-Visit Attractions in Chicago

Chicago is a city that has a huge amount going for it, with rich history, diverse culture, an array of exciting attractions, and plenty to see, do and experience. This is a place that is just as exciting and suitable for singles and couples as it is for groups and families, so no matter who you are travelling with you will be able to look forward to a fun and exciting break in a truly fascinating destination.

No matter which part of Chicago you stay in you will find you have a host of great attractions within easy reach, so you can look forward to a diverse and exciting itinerary. You will find plenty of comfortable yet cheap hotels in Chicago, which means that you can also look forward to an affordable stay while benefitting from a convenient location close to a range of facilities, amenities, and attractions.

Attractions to add to your itinerary when you visit Chicago

If you are planning to spend time in a large city like Chicago it is always worth creating an itinerary so you don’t miss out on any of the major attractions. There are so many great places to visit and explore here that you will certainly never be short of entertainment and excitement. Some of the many attractions you can add to your itinerary when you visit this destination include:

Chicago skyline - Flickr CC picken
Chicago skyline – Flickr CC picken

The Art Institute of Chicago: Anyone who is into the arts, architecture, and culture will love this hugely popular attraction. This is a distinctive structure, with its two bronze trademark lions guarding the entrance. After admiring the building itself, you will be able to step inside and admire the variety of wonderful exhibitions and art displays, with a range of impressive collections to admire. If you are a big fan of the art world, you may want to spend a fair while at this museum, as there is so much to take in.

Millennium Park: No trip to Chicago would be complete without a visit to Millennium Park, which is a state of the art area filled with fabulous architecture, designs, and artistic structures. You can take in the fascinating Crown Fountain, which is a big hit during the summer months, as well as the amazing Cloud Gate sculpture. There are many other sculptures and areas to enjoy when you visit this attraction, and it is often hosts to a range of cultural events and festivities.

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: The Chicago Museum of Science and industry is a great attraction that can be enjoyed by all ages and by a wide variety of people. Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood, this museum is home to a wide range of exhibits covering a huge variety of genres. You will find everything from a real United Airlines Boeing 727 through to a model of an American town from the early part of the 20th century in this museum. You will also find plenty of exhibits relating to areas such as science and space, which is something the kids will love. This museum provides a great day out for the whole family, as there is something here for all ages to enjoy.

Garfield Park Conservatory: This is an excellent place to visit if you are into plants and conservation. You will be able to take in some fascinating flora and fauna displays, with the majority being indoors so you won’t have to worry about the weather. Better still, entrance and parking are both free so you won’t have to pay a cent in order to enjoy this attraction.

Lincoln Park Zoo: Spread over 35 acres, this zoo is a delightful place to visit and is perfect for wholesome and exciting family entertainment. You can take in the attractive landscaping when you visit this zoo as well as the fascinating animal species that call the place home. This free is one of the last in the country to still offer free admission to visitors, so you won’t even have to worry about paying for your day of fun and adventure.

This is just a sample of the many attractions you will be able to enjoy when you come to Chicago, with plenty for adults, children, and families to look forward to. Of course, in addition to the attractions that you can access in this city you will also be able to enjoy a host of other facilities, amenities, and activities. This includes everything from great shopping and dining facilities to vibrant nightlife and entertainment. Chicago is also host to a range of festivities and events over the course of the year, so depending on the time of year you visit you will also be able to immerse yourself in some of the local traditions and culture.

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