Revealed – Tips for Teaching ESL to Young Learners

Teaching ESL to young learners can be quite challenging for persons that are not well equipped with information on how to do it right. Let us look at some effective teaching tips that will help you impact this knowledge to the young generation more conveniently and effectively.

Class Control

It is not easy to control a large group of youngsters in one class. For you to take full control of the class, you have to come up with class rules and instructions to govern their behavior in class. Be sure to come into a mutual agreement with them to avert rebellions and disagreement.

Teach Dice
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Use Grammar Games and Songs

Incorporation of various grammar games and songs that seek to pass a particular message to the learners are very effective in enhancing the learning experience. Be sure to choose songs or games that are easy to remember, fun and creative so as to grasp the attention of all students.

Class Projects

This is not only effective in teaching new language but also helpful in teaching scholars various life skills that will help them succeed in life. Projects gives learner a chance to practice the skills learn in class. This in turn helps to foster their understanding of this course.

Use Rewards

Reward students that are more committed to their studies or pass their exams. This will in turn encourage other students to work harder in a bid to get the rewards next time.

Form groups

Different youngsters have varying learn capabilities and this is clearly reflected in their individual performance. By grouping your students into different groups, you will help them exchange information and ideas which will in turn boost their performance in class.

Lastly, it is of paramount importance for you not to be biased towards a particular group of students. Treat them fairly so as to create a favorable learning experience. Be sure to use LEGO education products in class to help engage students and pass the necessary information more conveniently.

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