Icebreaker Activities for Your ESL Class

There are many people who want to learn English as a second language nowadays. The immense popularity of ESL or English as a Second Language is attributed to the wide use of the language in an international level. Since the opening of many ESL schools inspired more students, we are also inspiring many ESL teachers to do their best in completing the task at hand. After all, teaching English is an interesting job and it allows both the students and teachers to learn the benefits of speaking and writing the language these days.

If you are a first-time or experienced ESL teacher, maintaining the attention of your students to learn the language is a common undertaking. No wonder you need icebreaker activities to inspire your students. Here are some icebreaker samples that will help you in completing the teaching itinerary.

Old tablet in the classroom
Image by Devanath from Pixabay

Movie and discussion related to a specific topic

Give time for students to talk about their various interests in English language in front of the class. This is the best way to develop rapport with the students and eradicate awkward feelings during first lessons and avoid shyness while learning the new language.
Spare at least fifteen minutes for video showing that will allow the students to ask questions after the activity. This is the perfect time to let them speak the language by asking interesting questions based on the short film.

Lie detector game

Develop a lie detector test activity for your students to formulate interesting sentences and questions. If the students will be interested in guessing, it is the right time to let them explore in using the new language with excitement and fun.

Creating a story as a group and sharing it with the class

Instruct the students to form groups in two or three and let them create stories to be presented in front of the class. Choose a leader to present the story that each group created. In that way, their imagination, creative and communication skills will be honed.

It is more fun for students to learn from each other and the teacher when these activities are done correctly. However, the teacher must not forget to be creative in preparing for these icebreaker activities.

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