Visiting a Cat Cafe in Hongdae & playing with cats in Seoul, Korea

It became apparent shortly after we started dating that we both shared a fondness about animals.  Audrey loves dogs.  I love cats.  Of course, cats are better than dogs 😛 In recent months, we’ve had a fun time teasing and ribbing each other about the supposed benefits of the superior pet 😛

Cats love Nomadic Samuel! Cat Cafe in Hongdae - Seoul, Korea

The truth is that although we each have strong preferences for one over the other, we both love pets and wanted to spend time checking out the unique cat and dog cafes located throughout Seoul.

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As former pet owners, we’ve both felt somewhat deprived not having a chance to play with cats and dogs living a nomadic lifestyle and not being able to have our own.

Cute white kitty sleeping at the cat cafe in Hondae - Seoul, Korea

This was the perfect chance to spend an entire afternoon catching up on some much needed cuddling and petting sessions.

It’s hard to compare the two different cafes and say which one is better.  On the one hand, a dog lover is always a dog lover, and the chance to play with cute dogs of all sizes and breeds is going to strongly influence his/her decision; however, Audrey and I both agreed we preferred this cat cafe.

What made it better than the dog cafe, in our opinion, is that the setting was more intimate, the owners were more friendly and there was far more opportunity to interact with the cats one on one.

We enjoyed having the owners come and put cat food on our hands and arms for the cats to lick off.  If you’ve ever wondered how to become a cat’s best friend, just spread a little bit of tuna or fish flavoured soft chow on your arm and watch your popularity instantly soar through the roof.

Specific information related to visiting the Cafe Cafe in Hongdae – Seoul, Korea:

In this video Samuel and Audrey visit a cat café (고양이 다락방) in Hongdae – Seoul, Korea. Cat cafes are very popular in Korea. With busy work schedules and small apartments it can be difficult for people to keep pets. Well, cat cafes are the perfect solution for the animal lover!

Wandering around the city, it’s not unusual to come across a person dressed in a cat suit (usually one of Garfield) advertising a cat café in the area. The one we visited was in Hongdae, just a two-minute walk from Hongik University Station Exit 9.

Cute white cat sleeping with its paw stretched out

Admission to the cat café was 8000 won, which is close to $8USD. That included a beverage and unlimited time playing with all the cats in the café. You can participate in feeding time, and additionally, you can purchase small treats for 2000-3000 won to lure the cats your way.

Intimate time with kitties at the cat cafe in Seoul

It’s a wonderful place to feed and play with cats of all ages and sizes.

The cats are all very friendly. Just remember a few ground rules: no picking up and hugging the cats, don’t use flash when photographing the cats, don’t disturb the cats that are sleeping, and don’t feed them any human food.

And if you want to visit a type of cafe that is distinctly Korean but you aren’t into animals, you can always check out the dollhouse cafes.

Garfield mascot leading the way to the cat cafe in Seoul, Korea

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  1. says: Hogga

    ZOMG I have a friend over there right now… I’m going to tell him to check this place out for sure. Thanks!

  2. says: annie

    dogs are hardworking while cats are most of the time lazy. but both would always like to be cuddled and to be around their owners and play together.

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